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The academic area „Law“ contributes to the development of the focus direction of open society and governance through implementing study programs in law and conducting research in the fields of domestic, international and European law and human rights.

The development of study programs and research in this academic area is based on the assumption that legal education has a key role in the state’s legal policy, since legal education prepares specialists both for the implementation of normative law, as well as for the assessment of the legal environment with the view of bringing about socially necessary changes. The academic area is realizing the requirement of research-based education, which also means participation in the drafting legal policies and international research networks. The principal goal of this academic area is to guarantee the quality of teaching and research in law, which can only be achieved through internationalization of the academic activities.

The academic area conducts study programs at Baccalaureate and Master’s level in Estonian and English language. The English language study programs are conducted in Tallinn and Helsinki.
The academic area has co-operation partners in Estonia and abroad. The area is involved in various research and development projects.


Head of Study Area: Mart Susi, Professor of Human Rights
E-mail: mart.susi....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: +372 619 9952
Location: Astra building, Narva mnt 29, 10120 Tallinn