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Political Science and Governance

The study area of Political Science and Governance views politics and governance as interdependent phenomena and affected by international, economic and social background. Such an integrative approach has informed our conception of teaching, and research and development activities.

We are active members of various international scientific associations – ECPR, EGPA, NISPAcee – and our research is internationally evaluated. The research activities of the study area are focused on politics and governance. In these fields we offer basic and applied research, developmental projects, consultations, analyses and schooling.

We have conducted research ordered by Estonian Government Office, Parliament, Ministries (such as Ministry of the Interior, of Education and Research, of Cultural Affairs, and of the Environment), as well as by numerous local governments and non-governmental organizations.

We coordinate the publication of a web based Estonian language peer reviewed journal Acta Politica Estica and in cooperation with Tallinn University’s Centre for International Social Studies the publication of an internationally highly ranked interdisciplinary scientific journal Studies of Transition States and Societies.