Conference “Europe After Delfi”

When: 08.09.2017, at 09:30-14:00
Place: Tallinn University, A-002 Auditorium Maximum

Conference “Europe After Delfi” takes place on 8th of September 2017 at Tallinn University. 

The Delfi vs Estonia judgment by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights from 16 June 2015 marks a watershed in the conceptualization of internet intermediary liability in European human rights landscape. Although there are critics of this judgment from the side of stakeholders and academics, others underline the judgment’s endorsement of the principle that the right to freedom of expression and privacy online deserve equal protection.

This judgment is based on the recognition that private Internet companies have the responsibility to protect human rights online, and that balancing conflicting human rights by private companies is the appropriate method. This conferences explores several important questions which emerged as a result of the Delfi judgment and are in need to further discussion. What are the current approaches of the European Court of Human Rights, the global internet companies and the European legislative bodies regarding the concept of horizontal protection of human rights online? Are we close to a consensus about the standards? Is private online censorship inevitable? 

The one-day conference “Europe After Delfi” will explore these matters from four distinct perspectives: judicial, academic, policy-making and implementation. The speakers will explore the question what if anything has changed after the Delfijudgment and what are the likely forward-looking and consensus-building scenarios regarding the internet companies’ responsibilities for human rights protection.

Please find additional information and conference schedule HERE.

The conference is free of charge. It takes place at Tallinn University (room A-002) and is in English.  

For participation please register beforehand. Registration is open until 6th of September 2017.

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