Tallinn University RSS http://www.tlu.ee/ Workshop "The Politics and practice of LGBTIQ Rights in Contemporary Europe" en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7354/workshop-the-politics-and-practice-of-lgbtiq-rights-in-contemporary-europe Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society is hosting within the framework of HURMUR project a lecture on field of Human...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7354/workshop-the-politics-and-practice-of-lgbtiq-rights-in-contemporary-europe Conference "ACCOMPLISSH Co-creation and Social Innovation Summit" en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7317/conference-accomplissh-co-creation-and-social-innovation-summit On 13 & 14 November 2017, ACSIS 2017 will take place! A 2-day working conference, organised by the European Horizon 2020 project ACCOMPLISSH, which is coordinated by...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7317/conference-accomplissh-co-creation-and-social-innovation-summit Lecture: Public Opinion on Education Policies Across Europe: New insights en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7238/public-opinion-on-education-policies-across-europe-new-insights Marius R. Busemeyer, a Full Professor of Political Science at the University of Konstanz, Germany, gives a...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7238/public-opinion-on-education-policies-across-europe-new-insights Conference "The EU in the Global Race for Talents" en/Events/7227/conference-the-eu-in-the-global-race-for-talents The overall aim of the Estonian EU Presidency Conference on Migration, The EU in the Global Race for Talents: Challenges and Solutions in...]]> en/Events/7227/conference-the-eu-in-the-global-race-for-talents Conference "Rights for the 21st century?" en/Events/7228/conference-rights-for-the-21st-century The conference "Rights for the 21st century? Exploring the need for "new" human rights" takes place on 20-22 September in Tallinn University. 

Since the end of the 20th century, human...]]> en/Events/7228/conference-rights-for-the-21st-century Conference “Europe After Delfi” en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7217/conference-europe-after-delfi%e2%80%9d Conference “Europe After Delfi” takes place on 8th of September 2017 at Tallinn University. 

TU Backyard Party en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party On 1 September the campus will turn into a backyard full of pleasant people, good music, fun activities and mouth-watering food! Come for a moment and stay for hours to meet new and old friends...]]> en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year The Opening Ceremony of the 2017/2018 academic year will take place on 1 September at 12:00 at the Tallinn University courtyard (in front of the Nova building). Rector Tiit Land and the head of...]]> en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year TU Open Doors Day in Helsinki en/Events/7198/tu-open-doors-day-in-helsinki Tallinn University Open Doors Day in Helsinki is on 4 July 2017 at Yrjönkatu 29 C (Kukontori), Meeting Park Forum Campus starting from 14.00.

During the day you will get to know...]]> en/Events/7198/tu-open-doors-day-in-helsinki Public Defence of Emilia Pawłusz' Doctal Thesis at Tallinn University en/Events/7157/public-defence-of-emilia-pawlusz-doctal-thesis-at-tallinn-university On Monday, 12 June at 14:00, Emilia Pawłusz will defend her doctoral thesis "In Search of an Estonian Identity: (Formal and Informal) Mechanisms of Identity Construction in Estonia. The Role of...]]> en/Events/7157/public-defence-of-emilia-pawlusz-doctal-thesis-at-tallinn-university 2nd Summer School on Law and Media 2017 in Saaremaa, Estonia en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/6998/2nd-summer-school-on-law-and-media-2017-in-saaremaa-estonia Law and Media Network is welcoming applications for its 2nd Summer School on Law and Media. The Summer School is going to take place between 11-17 June...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/6998/2nd-summer-school-on-law-and-media-2017-in-saaremaa-estonia Tallinn University in Riga! en/Events/7158/tallinn-university-in-riga Tallinn University is in Riga on 6 June 2017 at Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, Gamma room ( en/Events/7158/tallinn-university-in-riga Public Defence of Anne Herm's Doctoral Thesis at Tallinn University en/Events/7139/public-defence-of-anne-herms-doctoral-thesis-at-tallinn-university On Tuesday, 30 May at 16:00, Anne Herm will defend her doctoral thesis "Living arrangements and mortality of older adults: Evidence from the Belgian population registers at the turn of the 21st...]]> en/Events/7139/public-defence-of-anne-herms-doctoral-thesis-at-tallinn-university Finnish and Estonian Foreign Ministers' panel discussion at Tallinn University en/Events/7178/finnish-and-estonian-foreign-minister-panel-discussion-at-tallinn-university On June 2, Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini will visit Estonia and during the visit he and his Estonian counterpart Sven Mikser will hold a panel discussion “Estonia and Finland – shared...]]> en/Events/7178/finnish-and-estonian-foreign-minister-panel-discussion-at-tallinn-university Debate on the Future of Europe with President of EP, Antonio Tajani en/Events/7138/debate-on-the-future-of-europe-with-president-of-ep-antonio-tajani At the end of May, the President of the European Parliament, Antionio Tajani, will visit Estonia as part of the Estonian Presidency. On 30 May, he will hold a debate at Tallinn University to...]]> en/Events/7138/debate-on-the-future-of-europe-with-president-of-ep-antonio-tajani Public Lecture: William L. Swing en/Events/7167/public-lecture-william-l-swing William L. Swing, the CEO of the International Organization for Migration, will visit Estonia as the next holder of the Presidency of the EU. On 26 May, he will hold a public lecture at Tallinn...]]> en/Events/7167/public-lecture-william-l-swing Information session: degree studies at Hong Kong Polytechnic University en/School-of-Humanities/Events/7147/representatives-of-the-hong-kong-polytechnical-university-at-tallinn-university On May 22, the delegation of the Faculty of Humanities of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is visiting...]]> en/School-of-Humanities/Events/7147/representatives-of-the-hong-kong-polytechnical-university-at-tallinn-university Open Doors Day in Helsinki en/Events/7049/open-doors-day-in-helsinki Tallinn University Open Doors Day in Helsinki is on 18 May 2017 at Yrjönkatu 29 C (Kukontori), Meeting Park Forum Campus starting from 14.00.

During the day you will get to know...]]> en/Events/7049/open-doors-day-in-helsinki Public lecture by Fulbright scholar Dr. David Deese at TU en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7135/public-lecture-by-fulbright-scholar-dr-david-deese-at-tu Boston College professor David Deese is a visiting Fulbright scholarat Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society this Spring semester until May15th.

Dr. Deese will...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7135/public-lecture-by-fulbright-scholar-dr-david-deese-at-tu Public lecture 'Where do we see the future of EU' en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7115/public-lecture-by-slovak-state-secretary-on-future-of-the-european-unit Lecture of Mr. Ivan Korčok, Tallinn University, 10 May 2017