Tallinn University RSS http://www.tlu.ee/ 10th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR) en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7483/10th-international-conference-on-cultural-policy-research-iccpr
ICCPR 2018 will take place in Tallinn, Estonia August 21-25. The conference will be hosted by Tallinn University. All information...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7483/10th-international-conference-on-cultural-policy-research-iccpr The Nordic-Baltic Doctoral Network in Social Work Summer School en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7516/the-nordic-baltic-doctoral-network-in-social-work-summer-school Multi-disciplinarity and multi-positioning in social work research – balancing closeness and distance to be hosted by the Tallinn University, School of Governance, Law and...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7516/the-nordic-baltic-doctoral-network-in-social-work-summer-school Open seminar: Varieties of Social Investment Policies en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7567/iiss-seminar-varieties-of-social-investment-policies Seminar on topic "Who Investes...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7567/iiss-seminar-varieties-of-social-investment-policies SOGOLAS research seminar: Inside Erasmus en/Events/7539/inside-erasmus-what-mobility-means-for-young-people-and-for-the-eu SOGOLAS research seminar "Inside Erasmus: What mobility means for young people and for the EU?" takes place on 14 March. Professor of Sociology Airi-Alina Allaste will talk about the mobility of...]]> en/Events/7539/inside-erasmus-what-mobility-means-for-young-people-and-for-the-eu SOGOLAS Reserach Seminar: Wicked Problems (Peeter Selg) en/Events/7508/sogolas-reserach-seminar-wicked-problems-peeter-selg European migration crisis as a wicked problem

In the third research seminar of the School of Governance, Law and Society on February 21, 16.00 – 18.30...]]> en/Events/7508/sogolas-reserach-seminar-wicked-problems-peeter-selg Conference 'Europe in Hard Times – What's to be Done?' en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7453/conference-europe-in-hard-times On 8th and 9th February 2018 Tallinn University will host an exceptional academic conference “Europe in Hard Times – What's to be Done?”

The aim of the...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7453/conference-europe-in-hard-times Seminar 'Global Citizens and Local Aliens' by Ave Lauren en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7459/seminar-global-citizens-and-local-aliens-by-ave-lauren   

Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society research seminar: "Global citizens and local aliens: the rise of new migrant identities in the age...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7459/seminar-global-citizens-and-local-aliens-by-ave-lauren Workshop "The Politics and practice of LGBTIQ Rights in Contemporary Europe" en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7354/workshop-the-politics-and-practice-of-lgbtiq-rights-in-contemporary-europe Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society is hosting within the framework of HURMUR project a lecture on field of Human...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7354/workshop-the-politics-and-practice-of-lgbtiq-rights-in-contemporary-europe Conference "ACCOMPLISSH Co-creation and Social Innovation Summit" en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7317/conference-accomplissh-co-creation-and-social-innovation-summit On 13 & 14 November 2017, ACSIS 2017 will take place! A 2-day working conference, organised by the European Horizon 2020 project ACCOMPLISSH, which is coordinated by...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7317/conference-accomplissh-co-creation-and-social-innovation-summit Lecture: Public Opinion on Education Policies Across Europe: New insights en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7238/public-opinion-on-education-policies-across-europe-new-insights Marius R. Busemeyer, a Full Professor of Political Science at the University of Konstanz, Germany, gives a...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7238/public-opinion-on-education-policies-across-europe-new-insights Conference "The EU in the Global Race for Talents" en/Events/7227/conference-the-eu-in-the-global-race-for-talents The overall aim of the Estonian EU Presidency Conference on Migration, The EU in the Global Race for Talents: Challenges and Solutions in...]]> en/Events/7227/conference-the-eu-in-the-global-race-for-talents Conference "Rights for the 21st century?" en/Events/7228/conference-rights-for-the-21st-century The conference "Rights for the 21st century? Exploring the need for "new" human rights" takes place on 20-22 September in Tallinn University. 

Since the end of the 20th century, human...]]> en/Events/7228/conference-rights-for-the-21st-century Conference “Europe After Delfi” en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/7217/conference-europe-after-delfi%e2%80%9d Conference “Europe After Delfi” takes place on 8th of September 2017 at Tallinn University. 

TU Backyard Party en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party On 1 September the campus will turn into a backyard full of pleasant people, good music, fun activities and mouth-watering food! Come for a moment and stay for hours to meet new and old friends...]]> en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year The Opening Ceremony of the 2017/2018 academic year will take place on 1 September at 12:00 at the Tallinn University courtyard (in front of the Nova building). Rector Tiit Land and the head of...]]> en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year TU Open Doors Day in Helsinki en/Events/7198/tu-open-doors-day-in-helsinki Tallinn University Open Doors Day in Helsinki is on 4 July 2017 at Yrjönkatu 29 C (Kukontori), Meeting Park Forum Campus starting from 14.00.

During the day you will get to know...]]> en/Events/7198/tu-open-doors-day-in-helsinki Public Defence of Emilia Pawłusz' Doctal Thesis at Tallinn University en/Events/7157/public-defence-of-emilia-pawlusz-doctal-thesis-at-tallinn-university On Monday, 12 June at 14:00, Emilia Pawłusz will defend her doctoral thesis "In Search of an Estonian Identity: (Formal and Informal) Mechanisms of Identity Construction in Estonia. The Role of...]]> en/Events/7157/public-defence-of-emilia-pawlusz-doctal-thesis-at-tallinn-university 2nd Summer School on Law and Media 2017 in Saaremaa, Estonia en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/6998/2nd-summer-school-on-law-and-media-2017-in-saaremaa-estonia Law and Media Network is welcoming applications for its 2nd Summer School on Law and Media. The Summer School is going to take place between 11-17 June...]]> en/School-of-Governance-Law-and-Society/Events/6998/2nd-summer-school-on-law-and-media-2017-in-saaremaa-estonia Tallinn University in Riga! en/Events/7158/tallinn-university-in-riga Tallinn University is in Riga on 6 June 2017 at Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, Gamma room ( en/Events/7158/tallinn-university-in-riga Public Defence of Anne Herm's Doctoral Thesis at Tallinn University en/Events/7139/public-defence-of-anne-herms-doctoral-thesis-at-tallinn-university On Tuesday, 30 May at 16:00, Anne Herm will defend her doctoral thesis "Living arrangements and mortality of older adults: Evidence from the Belgian population registers at the turn of the 21st...]]> en/Events/7139/public-defence-of-anne-herms-doctoral-thesis-at-tallinn-university