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Course outline

At Tallinn University you have a unique opportunity to study contemporary security threats and the changing world order.  These topics are critical for aspiring policymakers and researchers and Tallinn University is one of the few universities in the Nordic-Baltic region to emphasize them.  The academic staff is producing innovative research on the same topics including cyber deterrence and small state alliance tendencies and have been published in top ranking journals such as International Security and authored books published by Palgrave Macmillan, Routledge, and Ashgate. 

The International Relations master's programme is cycle studies. Classes will be held Monday-Friday at night from 17:00-20:00. Many students will take advantage of this structure to also take advantage of internship, volunteer, and employment opportunities that arise. There may be some seminars and elective courses during the day, though they will not be frequent.

The IR curricula allows for specialisation in one of two modules: "Changing World Order" or "International Security and Conflict Studies". In addition there is an elective section that enables a wide choice of courses so students can tailor their studies to their research interests. 

Associate professor Matthew Crandall introduces what the changing world order means for small states:

Courses in the programme will enable the students to become better researchers. Courses such as „Academic Writing and Research Design" and „Qualitative Research Methods" will provide the skills needed to complete a successful master's thesis and to have the needed skills after graduation. Other courses will provide the conceptual and theoretical foundation to thrive in the IR discipline. Some examples being „World Politics and Global Governance", „Formation of Global Norms and International Regimes", „Conflict Analysis: Approaches and Cases", and „Small States in the Changing World Order".

Lecturer Catlyn Kirna discusses why are small states awesome:

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