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Post-graduate destinations


Giorgi Sirbiladze (Georgia) graduated from Tallinn University in 2014 with a master's in International Relations.  After graduation Giorgi began working for the Georgian ministry of foreign affairs in the diplomatic service and currently is serving his country abroad.
Studying International Relations at Tallinn University enhanced my theoretical knowledge and broadened my insights of the contemporary world. It increased the possibility to put my knowledge in practice and participate in a process that might make the world a better place to live. I believe, this is what I am currently doing."


Priit Pallu (Estonia) graduated from Tallinn University in 2017 with a master's in International Relations. Priit is currently working in the Estonian Centre For Defence investment as the Head of the General Equipment Procurement Bureau.
"The IR program of Tallinn University gave me a new level in understanding how international actors work. Understanding their mindset has helped me in my daily work to pay attention to traditional and non-traditional security matters and prioritize tasks in a joint effort with Estonian Defence Forces in keeping my home country safe".


Ada Davis-Nouri (USA) graduated from Tallinn University in 2017 with a master's in International Relations.  Ada is currently a doctoral student in Fiji at the University of the South Pacific where she is researching legislative-based climate change adaptation strategies. 
"The International Relation's department at Tallinn University is outstanding, I could not have picked a better Master's program. Diversity and inclusivity of non-Western IR perspectives is of great personal importance to me as an indigenous student, so inclusivity being of paramount importance to the IR instructors was of real significance to me during my studies. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity for local or international students alike to expand their world views and personal pool of knowledge outside what is offered at a typical university."


Kaisa Einsok (Estonia) graduated from Tallinn University in 2016 with a master's in International Relations. Kaisa is currently an adviser for EU Presidency in Government Office, European Union Secretariat.
"Young people do not always acknowledge what connections there are between different fields and faculties. Tallinn University enabled me to get a broad but well-balanced education through its flexibility and versatility."


Shingo Masunaga (Japan) graduated from Tallinn University in 2015 with a master's in International Relations and is currently a doctoral candidate at University of Turku in Finland, Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS).
"At once far off, and near - I thought it is a long way to complete the programme, but when you finished it, the basics of IR were already installed on you. And, it consists of you - became part of you."