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Why School of Governance, Law and Society?

Law encompasses the rules and regulations that govern our daily lives. Studying law develops one's understanding of the levers of power in society, from the local, to the national, to the international level. Our program is designed to meet the challenges of a globalized world by giving students a classical legal education, while developing persuasive problem solving skills, and addressing topical legal issues such as the migrant crisis and climate change. Studying law at Tallinn University combines the theory with the practice - learning how to use and apply the law and pondering the timeless question of 'what law is and what law ought to be'. Studying law develops one's skills to become a lawyer by learning to think like a lawyer, which involves developing and refining problem solving skills, and learning - in a legal case - how to identify the issue, research the law, and apply the law. Learning to become a lawyer is not easy; it is a challenge. Our students are equipped with a skill set that is applicable for a career in the legal profession, and in a host of other professions in an increasingly globalized world - where mastering the rules is essential for success.

Extracurricular Activities

Tallinn University has many opportunities for students to have an active social life, such as choir singing, gym practice, and the chance to become involved in numerous student organizations and social clubs. SOGOLAS’s students have a student representation organisation, Civitas that takes care of students’ educational and social needs. And further, Law students have two organizations that support the academic and professional side of law studies and balance that out with recreational and social activities; the International Law Guild for students in Tallinn, and Primus Collegium for students in Helsinki. Both organizations arrange visits to law firms and legal institutions, host social gatherings and speaker events, and trips abroad. Furthermore, SOGOLAS organizes conferences and special events every year, open to students and researchers, as well as many public lecturers. 


Primus is the student body for students of Tallinn University in Helsinki who actively participates in SOGOLAS student life.
Maj-Lis Pelli - President
Johanna Hanwell - Vice-President
Elisa Laaja - Treasurer
Kalle Nummelin - Marketing Representative
Milja Vuopio - Event Organizer
Tiina Kemppainen - Corporate Relations
Tuomas Riikonen - Secretary


Following are the two major projects the Law direction is coordinating:

The project “HURMUR: Human rights – mutually raising excellence” is a European Commission Project funded under the first TWINNING call of Horizon 2020 (Project No. 692143). The project will decisively expand the world-class research area of human rights in Europe. Tallinn University Law School will develop research excellence of human rights and become involved in global research and regional dissemination networks through specific activities of an outstanding consortium, where two other partners are premier global academic institutions in the field of human rights – the Danish Institute for Human Rights and Walther Schücking Institute of International Law (Kiel University, Germany).

LAWMEDIA NETWORK will bring together scholars and specialists from law and media to explore the factors involved and suggest solutions for protecting the right to expression and the right to privacy in the new media environment. Participants will define and discuss the role of various significant actors – such as the media enterprises, media users, governments and civil organizations – in achieving the task of maintaining the core values of the modern world. Dialogue between various stakeholders enables the project participants to assess which standards of good faith and accountable journalism can be realized in the Internet and whether there is a need for developing common new standards on the basis of voluntary acknowledgement by new media enterprises. International discussion with interdisciplinary focus may be the most reliable way to achieve meaningful and realizable results for building the foundations for maintaining the freedom of expression and right to privacy in the realm of new media realities.
LAWMEDIA NETWORK hosts this year for the second time the summer school LAW and Media in Saaremaa / Estonia.  Participation of 25 students from 4 partners universities and relevant stakeholders are expected.

Below is a select list of bachelor's theses from some recent graduates of our Law programme:


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