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Admission Requirements

General requirements:
  • Completed Secondary Education or the equivalent
  • Proof of English Proficiency
    Please see the complete overview of admission and application requirements for Bachelor's level applicants.
Entrance exams:
  • The entrance exam consists of written assignment (written answers to the questions concerning their motivation and desire to study at the programme) and an interview with the admissions committee via Skype.
  • Maximum number of points is 100 (50% written, 50% oral part).
  • Students receiving minimum 30 points of the written part, are allowed to the oral interview.
  • Written assignment. Please submit a motivation letter (800-900 words), answering the following questions:

    1. The choice of the study programme: What makes you interested in this programme? What courses specifically?
    2. Previous experience and studies: What have you done before applying here? Where and what have you studied? Any work experience?
    3. Your plans after BA studies: What do you plan to do after your BA? How will this degree help?
    4. Knowledge of the field: What are the biggest social science issues around the world right now? How would you go about solving them if they are solvable?
    5. How do you plan to finance your studies?

Contact us

For additional guidelines please contact:

  • Specific questions regarding the programme should be directed to the School of Governance, Law and Society:
    E-mail: anna-stina.kangro....at....tlu.ee
    Phone: +372 61 99 941
  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist:
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee