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Course outline

Liberal Arts in Social Sciences is a program designed to teach students about different social sciences, give them research and practical skills, and prepare them for future studies or the labour market. The program lasts six semesters, each building on the previous. Students start off aqcuiring basic skills for learning, research and writing along with introductions to core topics in social sciences like law and society. Over the next semesters each field introduces their own topics including sociology, politics, international relations, economy, management, demographics, psychology and others. The student will acquire knowledge on all interesting fields and via electives and open electives they choose their favourite. University offers many more courses on each of the introduced field so as the student progresses through their studies, they can decide for themselves, what they would like to focus on and where to move forward.

The program includes multiple methodology courses that give the research skills suitable for a bachelor's student. The program offers both qualitative and quantitative methods' courses taught by the people using them everyday in their own research. The students aquire new skills that are already practised during the studies as the content courses require a lot of reading, writing and analysis. This culminates with a final reserach paper supervised by the experts in the field, similar to bachelor's thesis. 

A good bachelor's education is more than just research and knowledge, it should also give practical skills. The Liberal Arts program has a practical training module that requires students to put their university-learned minds to use in the real world. Students can do practical training in the field of their interest. So those interested in sociology can not only take additional sociology courses, they can also go and do practical training in that exact field. 

All students also need good teamwork skills and skills how to work in an international and interdisciplinary environment. The Liberal Arts program also includes an interdisciplinary project that can be chosen by each student themselves form the dozens of projects offered in the university each semester. 

Liberal arts in social sciences organises its classes during daytime on weekdays. Classes are usually planned between 10 and 16, with a few exceptions. Students are expected to participate in classes and seminars but leave plenty of time in between for other activities.
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Additional questions regarding the programme should be directed to the School of Governance, Law and Society:

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Telephone: +372 6409 382