Politics and Governance

The BA in Politics and Governance is a contemporary academic programme combining a strong politics and governance core with a variety of choices including international relations, economics and management. It is a curriculum aiming to prepare students for the more complex and interrelated world. No country or company is an island these days – they are all affected by political, societal and economic trends, national and international policies, governmental and non-governmental actors. The program equips students with a broad knowledge basis to prepare them for a future not just in the government or party politics, but also as knowledgeable and able actors in international organisations, the third sector or even private sector. 

Take the first step in fulfilling your dreams by studying at Tallinn University's School of Governance, Law, and Society!

Who are we looking for?

The programme welcomes students from across the world who are interested in politics, governance and international relations and see their future somehow related to this field. Whether you want to pursue an international career or advance some aspect of life in your hometown, or simply could not tune out from following Donald Trump’s accession to the presidency of the United States, the programme of politics and governance should be both interesting and useful for you. The programme contains many elective courses, so it is a good option for both students who have a strong interest in some particular field of politics and governance, but also suits students who have not yet decided about their specialisation and would like a good general education in social sciences.

Why study with us?
  • The politics and governance BA is a brand new programme launched in 2016, yet is based on the success of its Estonian sister programme which has been one of the most popular programmes with student applicants in Estonia for years.
  • It offers a – roughly half of the programme consists of compulsory courses while the student can choose between different specialisations and free electives in the other half.good ratio of focus and flexibility
  • Good spring board for MA studies – while there is an ample selection of English degree programmes in political science, public management and administration, governance and international relations across Europe, our programme is one of the few English politics and governance BA programmes in continental Europe.
  • Broad career prospects – our Estonian sister programme shows that students have many possible career paths in public service, media industries, political parties and NGO-s as well as in entrepreneurship.
  • Tallinn University has a modern and well equipped campus with all the amenities from a convenient library and 24-hour study rooms to a vegan cafeteria and its own cinema.
  • There are various possibilities to complement your studies with new skills, e.g. by studying languages and cultures (English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc.).
  • There are numerous conferences and public lectures from visiting scholars and practitioners from around the globe taking place at the university.
  • As Tallinn is also Estonia's administrative capital, it is convenient to visit specialised events happening outside the university, network, and find specialised internships.


Tallinn University has a modern urban campus located in the center of the city. The beautiful view of the harbour is a constant reminder that students studing at Tallinn University are in the center of a major European hub. The airport, train and bus stations are also just a few minutes away by public transport. Our students have access to physical and online libraries, computer labs, cafeterias and cafes. Further, the university has all the facilities necessary for a productive learning environment and ample opportunities for leisure, sports, and social activities, all leading to an exciting and well balanced student life. Take a walk around our campus via the virtual tour!

Important information

Duration: 3 years
Cost: € 1650 per semester
Study form: full-time

Contact us
  • Specific questions regarding the programme should be directed to the School of Governance, Law and Society:
    E-mail: tamara.statsenko....at....tlu.ee 
    Phone: +372 64 09 445
  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist:
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee

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