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10th Annual Conference of Estonian Social Sciences (ESAK 10): “Estonia 100 – towards openness?” March 24-25, 2017 at Tallinn University

In light of continuing emigration, potential immigration flows, changing lifestyles and identities, over the past few years Estonia has been increasingly divided by polarising debates. Discussions in the political, popular and social media spheres are becoming more and more conflictual. On the other hand, new technology and Estonians who are globally active are providing Estonia with the opportunities to grow beyond its borders.

On the eve of its 100th year of independence, Estonia is faced with important choices – will it develop itself as a nation state or will it search for possibilities to expand its collective identity? Should the main objective be calling back those who have left or maintaining a strong connection with its diaspora? How to regulate immigration in a way that human rights as well as questions of national security are both taken into account? How to increase internationalisation while maintaining the local community? What kinds of questions are asked, how what is happening in society is defined and how different spheres of the society are explained is becoming increasingly important.

Organised in cooperation of the Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society and the Estonian Association of Sociologists, the annual conference ESAK 10, with its focus this time on “Estonia 100 – towards openness?”, will continue the tradition of annual social science conferences by bringing together the representatives of different social sciences to look for a common language in which to discuss complicated phenomena. As representatives of sociology, political, economic and legal sciences, psychology and other disciplines, we will try to find common ground and collectively contribute to conceptualising societal processes.

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