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Conference Schedule

9th of February 2017

9:30     Registration   

10:00   Welcoming words by Ministrer of Justice Urmas Reinsalu        

10:15   Welcoming words by TU rector Tiit Land           

10.30 - 13.30 1st Session: The Human Rights and The Concept of Law  

Chairman Mart Susi

10:30   Robert Alexy A Non-Positivistic Concept of Constitutional Rights

11:00   Matthias Kaufmann How Right is the Basis of Law

11:30   Coffee break  

11:45   Kurt-Otto Bayertz Marx' Criticism of Human Rights

12:15   Luis Pereira Coutinho The Practice-Independency of Human Rights

12:45   Comments: Madis Ernits, Tõnu Viik, Q&A      

13:30   Lunch 

15.00 - 18.00 2nd session: Human Rights and Constitutionalism 

Chairman Rein Müllerson

15:00   Kaarlo Tuori Principles and policies

15:30   Matthias Klatt The Justification of Human Rights and the Concept of Law

16:00   Coffee break  

16:15   Leone Niglia Between Proportionality (in Private Law) and Constitutionalism in Europe

16:45   Agustin Menendez Principal of proportionality: An issue of fundamental rights for European law

17:15   Comments: Lauri Mälksoo, Siobhan Kattago, Q&A

10th of February 2017                      

9.30 - 12.30 3rd session: Human Rights and Global Law

Chairman Massimo La Torre

9:30    Rein Müllerson Contemporary Challenges to the Universality of (all) Human Rights

10:00   Pavlos Eleftheriadis Constitutional Rights as Moral Judgements

10:30   Coffee break  

10:45   Mart Susi Is the doctrine of balancing fundamental rights applicable in Internet?

11:15   Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco Alexy's Correctness and the Intelligibility Argument: Practical Reason as the Grounding of the Rule of Law

11:45   Comments: Daniele Monticelli, Alexander Bröstl, Q&A      

12:30   Lunch 

14.00- 17.00 4th session: Human Rights and Justice        

Chairman Indrek Grauberg

14:00   Massimo La Torre "Nec tecum nec sine te fundare possum": With Alexy Without Alexy.  A Four Steps Foundation of Human Rights

14:30   Martin Borowski Human Rights and the Radbruch Formula

15:00   Coffee break  

15:15   Q&A  

15:45   Robert Alexy  Conclusions