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PAD project

Positive attitude development - access to labour market for young adults with mental health problems

The project is an interactive project which strengthens all involved partners (Arcada, TLU, Non-governmental-organizations and public organizations) and target-groups skills and experiences. In Finland the project shall be realized in cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. In Estonia in the cities of Tallinn, Haapsalu and Keila.

The main objectives are:

1) Promote the target groups access to labour market,

2) Decrease stigma concerning mental health and social problems,

3) Increase social inclusion for the target group

4) Increase skills in social interaction for target group.

The purpose of the project “Positive Attitude Development” is to decrease stigmatisation of mental health disorders and social problems, to increase social inclusion and to promote the access to the labour market, social communication skills and integration to society of young people with mental health problems. Project activities consist of meetings with the defined target group of young people with mental health problems, employers and community members in defined areas in Finland and Estonia. Educational and training activities for the target groups and employers, and a large media campaign shall also be organized to achieve the project purposes.

Main project partners are:
Arcada University - Finland
Tallinn University- Estonia

P.A.D. project shall be implemented between May 2015 and April 2017.
01.05.2015−30.04.2017 67 273,76 EUR

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TLU PAD team:
Zsolt Bugarszki zsolt.bugarszki....at....tlu.ee
Marju Medar marju.medar....at....tlu.ee
Marili Anso marili.anso....at....tlu.ee

Financed by European Regional Development Fund, Interreg Central Baltic.

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