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Human rights – mutually raising excellence

The project “HURMUR: Human rights – mutually raising excellence” will decisively expand the world-class research area of human rights in Europe. Tallinn University Law School will develop research excellence of human rights and become involved in global research and regional dissemination networks through specific activities of an outstanding consortium, where two other partners are premier global academic institutions in the field of human rights – the Danish Institute for Human Rights and Walther Schücking Institute of International Law (Kiel University, Germany).


Mart Susi,

Tiina Pajuste, Phillip Webb Graves




Contemporary democratic societies are facing an unprecedented challenge for balancing freedom of expression against the right to privacy in the new media environment. The quick development of Internet has led the international legal communities, media enterprises and the civil society to question the adequacy of traditional methods of regulating the freedom of speech vis-à-vis the right to privacy. A new paradigm is emerging, whereby the task of achieving effective realization of both these significant rights is moving away from the vertical power structures to horizontal accountability of media enterprises in relation to new media users.



Mart Susi,

Tiina Pajuste