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Strategy and key activities of political studies stream


Overarching slogan of TLU: promoting intelligent lifestyle

Focus area of SOGOLAS: society and open governance

Common interdisciplinary topic of PGISIAD: states, politics and governance in a changing world

Academic focus topic of political studies stream: citizenship, migration and integration, and the quality of democracy

Citizenship, migration and integration, and the quality of democracy

Citizenship is a core element of statehood and an instrument for bestowing people with a position to act as the bearers of highest authority both collectively and individually. We understand citizenship as not only legal but also a substantial status involving many dimensions that build up human political and other agency in a state. The policies and politics of citizenship are thus constitutive for the quality of democracy, the political and governance arrangement based on the power of the people.

In the post cold war era of transnationalisation and globalisation both larger migration and mobility of the people have posed challenges for many previously unproblematic aspects of citizenship. What should be the balance of free choice and managed governance of migration and integration, how to build up a meaningful human political agency as well as a state governance and political arrangement in a more diverse society, especially during the countertrend of securitisation, governing via emergencies and the politics of fear?

How to cope with the challenges of post democracy and build up a viable democratic system and arrangement of political and wider citizenship functional in the current conditions? How to build up adequate structures, processes and perspectives adequate for analysing or even meeting these challenges? These are some of the questions we address in political studies stream.

The stream integrates scholars with different backgrounds and both senior and junior positions. We also appreciate our network of postgraduate students and social partners. The main emphasis is in the qualitative approaches and both normative and descriptive theories and explanations.