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Arriving as a New Student

Temporary residence or long-stay visa?

EU/EEA citizens who stay in Estonia for longer than three months, need to obtain the right of temporary residence for EU/EEA citizens. It is necessary to register as a citizen of Tallinn within three months from the date of entering Estonia and apply for the Estonian identity card (ID-card). However, we recommend doing it as soon as you have arrived in Estonia, so that you could use the benefits of being a citizen of Tallinn for a longer period of time.

Non-EU/EEA citizens who stay in Estonia up to one year can apply for the Long-stay (D) visa. In case the stay in Estonia is longer than they have to apply for the temporary residence permit for study in Estonia.

If you are from one of these countries you do not need a visa to enter Estonia and it is possible to apply for the temporary residence permit or for the Long-stay visa for study in Estonia after arrival in Tallinn. However, we strongly recommend getting the Long-stay visa before coming to Estonia from the nearest Estonian embassy as you might have problems at the border when reaching the first Schengen country.

Orientation Week

At the beginning of every semester the Orientation Week is held for international students. The week will give you a good opportunity to obtain information about Tallinn University and Estonia, and you can meet other international students.

All international students have the possibility to apply for a tutor before arrival. Tutors are students of Tallinn University who help international students settle in to the academic environment at the university and Tallinn in general. Tutors are ready to provide additional guidance and information on several matters ranging from studies to living conditions in Tallinn. They can also welcome you upon arrival at the airport/central bus station/ harbour. Please note that you have to pay yourself for the transportation to your accommodation.


There are several possibilities for arranging accommodation during your studies at Tallinn University.  We have limited number of dormitory places for international students, but it is also possible to rent a private room or flat.

More information is available on our website www.tlu.ee/practical. Two Facebook groups have also been made for students and future students to communicate – “Erasmus in Tallinn University” and “International Degree Students at Tallinn University”.