• Fullbright scholor Dr. David Deese left a strong impression on students

    17.05.2017 09:25

    Global public goods and climate change was the topic of the three-week international relations special course, for the Spring Semester 2017 thaught by Dr. David Deese.

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  • COST ACTION CA15122 - Short Term Scientific Missions - Call forApplications

    02.05.2017 10:55

    2nd Call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) Applications for Missions occurring between 01 July 2017 and 31st March 2018. Topic of the COST Action CA15122: Reducing the number of people at risk of social exclusion is a headline target of the Europe 2020 strategy. Population ageing and low economic growth pose major challenges to meeting this target, emphasising the necessity to tackle oldage exclusion. While risks of exclusion of older people are widening and deepening, damaging gaps in understanding old-age exclusion exist across Europe. Existing knowledge is poorly developed, lacks synthesis and is spread across highly disparate disciplines.

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  • PhD Thesis: Consumer Culture Expresses National Identity

    28.04.2017 12:15

    Today, on 28 April, Oleksandra Seliverstova from the Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society will defend her PhD Thesis, which focused on the role of consumer culture in the emergence of a national identity in two post-Soviet societies – Estonia and Ukraine.

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  • Call for Papers "International Journal of Arts and Commerce"

    26.04.2017 10:23

    International Journal of Arts and Commerce is a high quality open access peer reviewed research journal that is published by Centre for Enhancing Knowledge, UK. International Journal of Arts and Commerce providing a platform for the researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners and students to impart and share knowledge in the form of high quality empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.

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  • Prof. Bradley Thayer on Estonia, NATO, and Hybrid Threats

    21.04.2017 12:14

    Professor Bradley A. Thayer recently published an opinion article in Postimees, the largest daily. The article was titled Why Estonia Should Join the EU-NATO Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.

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  • Fulbright scholar Dr. David Deese teaching at Tallinn University this Spring

    05.04.2017 09:30

    Boston College professor David Deese will be a visiting Fulbright scholarat Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society this Spring semester. Professor Deese researches the international and comparative politics of energy and climate policies worldwide.

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  • Human Rights Mutually Raising Excellence - Research Centre at Tallinn University

    21.03.2017 11:21

    Through the EU's twinning initiative for research bodies, Tallinn University has teamed up with the Danish Institute for Human Rights and Germany's Walther Schücking Institute of International Law to expand world-class research into human rights whilst raising excellence in the field.

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  • Tallinn University Research Centre for Fundamental Rights

    28.12.2016 15:35

    The Rector of Tallinn University has signed a resolution establishing the Tallinn University Research Centre for Fundamental Rights. This research centre operating by the School of Governance, Law and Society is established in connection with the Horizon 2020 project HURMUR (Human Rights – Mutually Raising Excellence).

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