Fullbright scholor Dr. David Deese left a strong impression on students


Global public goods and climate change was the topic of the three-week international relations special course, for the Spring Semester 2017. Professor Deese explained a public good as something that benefits mankind regardless of nationality, race, religion etc and stated that remedies to tackle climate change are a perfect example of a global public good. Further, we looked at how public goods are financed nationally and internationally. We also examined several protocols and agreements pertaining to climate change such as Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreements. Going forward, we looked at specific initiatives undertaken by nations to tackle emission of green house gases that later lead to global warming which in turn leads to climate change. Finally, we looked at how renewable energy has penetrated the world and the new developments in this field.

Professor Deese, being a specialist in this area, had a lot of insight which he shared with us. The fact that he is a seasoned and elderly scholar means he has been a witness and participant to the debate on climate change for a long time. He was very friendly and had exemplary work ethic. The class was extremely interactive with everyone sharing their ideas and perspectives. Since it was made up of international students, we learned something small from each region represented as everyone shared with the class their country’s experience with environmental conversation.

Beyond class, I had a chance to chat with the Professor. We talked about American Foreign Policy over the years, American politics currently and in the recent past under the Obama administration and many other aspects pertaining to the United States. He explained the issues much better than what the media puts across. Incidentally, during the special course I was organizing a talk on ‘The Contribution of African Students on the Development of Estonia’ and I extended an invitation to Professor Deese. He attended the event and participated fully. That really motivated me.

I enjoyed the special course. I learned a lot of practical things that I could suggest to my government or carry out myself if given a chance. Professor Deese is an example of a person who is working tirelessly to contribute to the wellbeing of mankind. 

Author of text is Samuel Ngang'Ira, International Relations student.