SOGOLAS Builds Cooperation Between Tallinn University and Edinburgh University


Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society was visited by Mr. Mike Titterton, Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the University of Edinburgh in May 2017. The visit was facilitated by TLU staff member Zsolt Bugarski, who kindly set up the meetings with the Vice-Rector Priit Reiska, School of Governance, Law and Society Director Indrek Grauberg, Head of Social Work Karmen Toros, and Erasmus+ Coordinator Triin Tõnurist, among others.

The aim of his visit was to explore the potential for cooperation between Tallinn University and Edinburgh University. Mike Titterton´s work involves building global partnerships, contributing to the scientific evidence base and facilitating it´s impact, while applying this knowledge to address problems confronting a globalised world. As well as the challenges that lie ahead for the higher education sector and for Europe in the wake of Brexit, there are opportunities for researchers, teaching staff and students. 

On top of deliberations about how cooperation can be developed, there were lively discussions about the potential for joint research and development programmes and projects. The visit included a tour of the university’s innovative campus, with its splendid networking design, as well as the excellent Film, Media, Arts and Communication School. Of additional interest was the ELU Project approach to learning now being rolled out across the university. 

Mr. Titterton was delighted to visit some ‘external stakeholders’, that important community outwith the world of the university. These included examples of Estonian health and social welfare services, such as the Tallinn Mental Health Centre, the Social Enterprise Network, and Helpific, the latter organisation providing an interesting illustration of peer-to-peer networking to assist vulnerable people. Estonia has forged well ahead with developing its vision of the information society and there are intriguing lessons for other countries. 

Mr. Titterton promised to actively build on the results of the visit, along with colleagues in Edinburgh and Tallinn Universities and with external stakeholders.