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Tallinn University School of Humanities is an academic unit in Tallinn University that conducts studies on the three levels of higher education, continuing education and research, development and creative activities in the following study areas:

Asian Studies

The area of Asian Studies in the Tallinn University School of Humanities is unique in Estonia. Our distinguished specialists provide the opportunity to gain a broad knowledge of the culture and societies of different countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Continue reading

Head of Study Area: Alari Allik, lecturer of Japanese culture
E-mail: alari.allik....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: 619 9546

Cultural Theory

The Area of Cultural Theory connects five major fields in humanities: Anthropology, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Urban Studies and Comparative Literature. This interdisciplinary association, uniting internationally valued expertise in culture studies, is unique in Estonia. We incorporate disciplines like Cultural History, Cultural Geography, Cultural and Social Anthropology, Cultural Philosophy, Cultural Semiotics, Religious Studies and Comparative Literature. Continue reading

Head of Study Area: Eneken Laanes, Associate Professor of Comparative Literary Science and Culture Analysis
E-mail: eneken.laanes....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: 619 9551

Estonian Language and Culture

The area of Estonian language and culture combines study and teaching activities in Estonian language, literature and culture. The main areas of study are connected to Estonian as a mother tongue and a second language, Estonian literature and culture, literary science, general language science, applied and social linguistics as well as language and social communication. Continue reading

Head of Study Area: Piret Viires, Professor of Estonian Literature and Literary Theory
E-mail: piret.viires....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: 640 9339


The academic area of history in Tallinn University School of Humanities covers studies and research in history, visual and material culture (archaeology, ethnology, art history), and environmental history. We are an innovative team working group with strong international orientation and involved in developing new trends in teaching and researching history in Estonia. Our area of history is engaged in interpreting the societies and people of the past differently from the traditional approaches. Continue reading

Head of Study Area: Professor Ulrike Plath
E-mail: ulrike.plath....at....tlu.ee

Russian and East European Studies

The area of Russian and East European studies focuses on training Russian philologists, teachers of the Russian language and literature for schools where the language of tuition is Russian, Russian as a second language for teachers, experts in Slavonic cultures, and employees in the Russian language media sphere in Estonia both at the Bachelor and Master level. On the doctoral level the area is responsible for the module of Slavonic languages and cultures in the curriculum of Studies of Cultures. We also offer subjects that can be chosen as minors like Russian language editing and Estonian-Russian translating. We provide lessons in other Slavonic languages. Continue reading

Head of Study Area: Natalia Tšuikina, Lecturer of Russian
Email: natalia.tshuikina....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: 640 9330

Western European Studies

The area of Western European studies collocates students, lecturers and researchers who teach, study and research Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, German and Finnish and the cultures connected to these languages in Europe as well as North and South America. The study programmes develop specialists in European and American history, societies and culture, language researchers and teachers, as well as translators and interpreters.

Head of Study Area: Daniele Monticelli, Professor of Italian Studies and Semiotics
E-mail: daniele.monticelli....at....tlu.ee
Telephone: 619 9547