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Postgraduate Destinations

Notable alumni
Ayuk Nyakpo Orock
Counsellor at the Finnish Red Cross, MA Anthropology (2016)

“My two years in the MA Anthropology programme of the School of Humanity in Tallinn University taught me that diversity itself - seen in body shapes and sizes, customs, clothing, speech, religion and worldview - provides a frame through which we can understand any single aspect of life in any given society. Anthropology at TLU with its interdisciplinary approach and diverse ways of viewing a wide variety of topical issues enabled me gain skills in anthropological research in understanding, analysing and resolving global problems.

Through theories of ethnographic methods and practical fieldwork I was able to better understand in detail the experiences and challenges faced by migrants (be they refugees, asylum seekers or just immigrants) in the integration process into their resettlement country or host country. I was also challenged to discover the potentials I have to reach out to others (humanity) with the knowledge I gathered during my research to support migrants during the integration process be it socially, economically etc. Through gaining such understanding upon graduation I got a position with the Finnish Red Cross where I work as a Counsellor (migrant counsellor /integration counsellor).”

Liisi Laanemets
Orchestral Librarian at the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, MA Anthropology (2011)

“I graduated 2011 and since then I have worked in Estonian Public Broadcasting as editor in the music archive (2008-2014) and for the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra as orchestral librarian (since 2014) as well as lectured in the Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music. Anthropology gave me an excellent view to another course of humanity. And I was thinking during my studies and still do - anthropology in Tallinn University has a versatile, interesting and inspirational curriculum.”

Kirsika Olev
Consultant at Estravel, MA Anthropology (2013)

“I was among the first students that were admitted to study Anthropology in Tallinn University in 2006 and graduated with my Master’s degree in 2013. From the very start of my studies, I became interested in the anthropology of tourism. Hence, both my Bachelor’s and Master’s theses were connected with tourism and the way different people perceive their surroundings while both travelling and working in the tourism industry. From the beginning of my Master’s studies, I have also been working as a travel consultant in the biggest travel agency in the Baltics – Estravel.”

Pavel Borecky

PhD Candidate of Bern University, MA Anthropology 2016

"I can safely say that anthropology allowed me to slow down a bit, to focus on what I have always wanted to focus on – visual anthropology – and to challenge myself during the production of several film projects. It has been a joy to thrive in the international environment of the university and to engage with a very friendly and dedicated staff of  the School of Humanities and the Baltic Film and Media School. Without such an involvement I would hardly be allowed to enter Swiss educational system, or be appointed EASA's Applied Anthropology Network co-convenor."

Graduate career options

Anthropologists make valuable contributions in the following fields:

  • Education/Outreach
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural Resource Management (CRM)
  • Historic Preservation
  • Museum/Curation/Project Design
  • Community Development
  • Advocacy (Human Rights/Social Justice)
  • Computers/Software Development/Information Technology
  • Design (products and/or services)
  • Ethnography/Cultural AnthropologyHealth
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Tourism/Heritage
  • Management Consulting/Organizational Development/Training
  • Humanitarian Efforts

For more information on career options in anthropology visit: discoveranthropology.org

Further study opportunities

All our graduates have either continued on to postgraduate studies or found employment in the public and private sector.