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Course Outline

Cycle studies

Lectures will be usually held from Thursday to Saturday.

Core course components

During their studies the students must pass a compulsory module of Introduction to Estonian Studies, which consists of courses like Estonian Regional Studies, Estonian Contemporary Culture, Language and Society, Estonian Politics and Society. 

The study programme provides opportunities for practical activities like Research Project in Speciality and Master Seminar; the Estonian language level will be enhanced.

Within the electives of Estonian Language, Culture, History and Society students will have a choice of courses:

  • History and Memory, 
  • Contemporary Issues of Estonian Society, 
  • Estonian Literature, 
  • Translation of Fiction and others.

During the whole two year study period the students will be able to enhance their Estonian language skills and the students specialising in translation of fiction have opportunities to develop relevant skills.

The Estonian Studies study programme (2017/2018 academic year) is available here.