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Postgraduate Destinations

Graduate career options

Our graduates will have a balanced knowledge on Estonian language, culture, history and society and have acquired Estonian language at least at B1 level. Such knowledge provides pre-requisites for working in ones home country or in Estonia in the fields of cultural, economic or business relations, as a diplomat, export culture or engage in any type of creative industry. Our graduates will have necessary skills to start translating Estonian literature into foreign languages.

Further study opportunities

Our graduates will be able to continue their studies at PhD level either in Estonia or abroad.

What our students say

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Hanna Zotova

Before I started my MA of Estonian Studies at Tallinn University in 2017, I had already two degrees: one is commodity in customs and the second one is interpretation. I obviously had no plans to study again. I came to Estonia as a volunteer within the Erasmus + programme and I was working for the EVS (European Voluntary Service). During that time I understood that I want to stay here. Then I discovered the programme of Estonian Studies and decided that it would be perfect for me because I have always wanted to try some Humanities. This programme offers a great range of different subjects, which will be really interesting to study. By now I can say that I am really satisfied with my programme, I have had many interesting lectures, which have included going to museums; lectures are delivered by different people with helps us to see things from different viewpoints. Estonian Studies allows discovering not only Estonian culture and history, but it helps to understand other cultures and their positions in world history. The programme provides opportunities to enhance Estonian language skills, which will be very useful for any future work in Estonia.

Beside the studies, Tallinn University offers plenty of different events, lectures with interesting people, travelling and many other opportunities, which will make your studying unforgettable!


James Sunney Quaicoe

Four years ago I made a daring decision to come to Estonia to pursue further studies. In the course of my academic pursuit, I made many unsuccessful attempts to study the Estonian society and language informally; it was therefore a great relief and anticipated opportunity with the announcement of the - MA Estonian Studies programme. What makes the whole scenario interesting is the fact that the course - MA Estonian Studies - is the first of its kind at Tallinn University; and I feel so honoured to have joined the programme as one of the pioneers.

So far the contents of the courses read have been very interesting and have offered very thoughtful provoking and intuitive experiences. I have high expectations regarding my pursuit of this programme. I hope to become knowledgeable enough in Estonian history, language, and especially comprehend the spirit of entrepreneurship found in the Estonian people; ultimately, armed with such competences I foresee myself functioning as an ambassador of Estonia’s global collaboration and a liaison for Estonia and Africa collaborations.