Inimkond: Kalle Pihlainen

When: 11.10.2017, at 16:15-18:00
Place: Tallinn University, A-325

The next Inimkond will take place on 11 October at 16:15 in room A-325. The speaker is Kalle Pihlainen who will give a lecture entitled

Embodied knowing in literary texts

My interest in this paper is to discuss a largely unexamined textual process: the way in which texts produce a feeling of agency in readers through appeals to embodied experience. The premise is that this process is an important factor in the construction of the kind of experientiality we often attribute to fictional or "worklike" texts as opposed to so-called documentary ones. Where such experientiality has mostly been approached through the concepts of imagination and empathy, I suggest that contact, agency, intentionality, as well as embodied "knowing" can help to better understand and pinpoint its workings.