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Admission Requirements

  • Completed Master’s degree or the equivalent.
  • Proof of English Proficiency. Read more here.
Admission Requirements:

For general requirements, please read admission to PhD Studies here.

Programme specific requirements:

  • Your research proposal (min. 2500 words without bibliography) should include at least the following: topic of your intended research, introductory overview of your research project, overview of the present state of the research on the topic in the world, research objectives and approach (methodology), what research you have done already on this topic (if relevant) and what are the expected preliminary results of your thesis, why is it reasonable to carry out this project in Estonia, references/preliminary bibliography.  If your intended research includes fieldwork, please describe the scope and duration of it, add a provisional budget and indicate the possible sources for financing.
  • Thesis proposal should be submitted for preliminary review to maris.peters....at....tlu.ee and the accepted and signed thesis proposal should be uploaded to Dreamapply with other documents like the CV of the candidate with the full list of publications. Please use pdf format for these documents..
  • Admission exam (interview) is based on the plan for the doctoral thesis that is agreed with the prospective supervisor.

See also the detailed guidelines on application procedure at Tallinn University site.

Apply HERE.