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Course Outline

Full-time studies

During the 3-year programme the BA student is expected to participate in a number of compulsory and elective courses. The studies are organised so that the Liberal Arts student will be studying closely together with other Tallinn University students, including Erasmus students. This should promote good exchange of ideas.

Students are permitted to take courses from the other Schools of Tallinn University.

The studies end with a bachelor examination.

Core course components

Students will have to pass university-wide courses (Big Questions, Critical Thinking) that are taught to all our BA students at Tallinn University.

In addition, students work through a major project course ELU, which is devoted to solving a particular problem in an interdisciplinary team. It employs the method of problem-based learning and develops team-work and problem-solving skills that are essential in the present day job market.

There are courses that help to deepen the understanding of the Humanities, and students will have to engage in practical activities.

Students also improve their language skills and acquire at least a modest level of Estonian language.

From the second year of studies, students choose two modules to specialise in, out of the following:


Asian Studies

Estonian Studies

Comparative Cultural Analysis

Literary and Cultural Studies of English-Speaking Countries


Two modules of one’s choice must be completed in full. In addition, students may choose individual subjects from all the six modules as free electives.

Open electives enable students to develop unique and meaningful entities of their own.

The Liberal Arts in Humanities study programme for 2017/2018 academic year can be found here.