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Reili Argus
Professor of Estonian Language, PhD Linguistics (2008)

"The Linguistics PhD studies at Tallinn University gave me enhanced knowledge in linguistics which has made it possible to hold my present position at the same university as a professor. It enabled me to become and remain both updated on the current issues of the Estonian linguistics and to blend into the networks of international European networks of child language research".

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Anastassia Zabrodskaja
Professor of Estonian as a Second Language, PhD Linguistics (2009) 

"Russian-Estonian language contact interested me. After completing my Estonian philology MA programme at Tallinn University I decided to enter a doctoral level as during the defence I was recommended to write a germane monograph in Estonian. The internationality of a PhD programme in linguistics created great opportunities to study different aspects of language contacts in Estonia. After a postdoc at the University of Tartu I returned to work in an area of Estonian as a second language and intercultural communication".

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