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Admission Requirements

General requirements
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent
  • Proof of English Proficiency
    Please see the complete overview of admission and application requirements for Master's level applicants.
Entrance exams
  • Statement of research interests (1-2 pages) [to be submitted to DreamApply]
  • Writing sample (an excerpt from either the BA thesis or a paper, 10 pages) [to be submitted to DreamApply]
  • Interview 
For the purposes of identity verification at the admission procedure the Admission Committee has the right to take a screenshot during the oral part of the admission exam carried out via video bridge.
Assessment of the candidates

1. Statement of Research Interest (Letter of Motivation): 30 points (min. required 21 points)
2. Writing Sample and Previous Study Results: 30 points (min required 21 points)
3. Interview: 40 points (min. requirement 28 points)
Important! Only applicants receiving the minimum required points for the first two components will be invited for the interview.

Find more information about the deadlines here.
Contact us

For additional guidelines please contact:

  • For additional guidelines regarding admission procedure please contact the international admission specialist.
    E-mail: admissions....at....tlu.ee