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Course Outline

Full-time studies

PhD studies consist of a course component and a thesis component. Many of the courses are based on individual work and demand close co-operation with the supervisor. Some subject courses and all general courses will have contact meetings. Not all the general courses will be offered in English every year. PhD students must participate the PhD seminars throughout their studies.

The official full-time study period of PhD studies is four years.

Core course components

The core components of the programme are the interdisciplinary research seminars during which each PhD student will have to present a paper at least twice during their studies. Feedback will be provided by both the lecturers and the fellow students. To develop the methodological basis, there is a course on Current Methods in Humanities. PhD students will be able to hone their academic writing and public speaking skills. The cooperation with one's supervisor is of utmost importance when planning the individual and core courses.

The Studies of Cultures study programme (2017/2018 academic year) is available here.