Guest lecturers from Germany deliver lectures on history and memory


On 13–16 September, two guest lecturers, Stephanie Eisenhuth (Humboldt University) and Tim Köhler (Institute for Applied History in Frankfurt (Oder)) will give lectures at the School of Humanities.

In the framework of the graduate course “History and Memory,” they will deliver four lectures and seminars, addressing the following topics: What kind of meanings does the Eastern Germany or the GDR have in the German historical memory? How much have these changed over time? How differently do the different generations in the East and West remember the GDR? What kind of layers feature most prominently in Berlin’s memoryscape? How to react to the commercialization of the history of the Eastern Berlin and the Cold War? What role do the objects exhibited in museums and elsewhere play in the representation of the GDR heritage?

During the discussions, the German developments are viewed from a broader perspective, drawing on comparisons with the Eastern European and other countries. This enables to bring out different ways of coming to terms with the Communist past and its legacies – a topic that continues to be relevant also in Estonia. Next to this, the lectures provide a good opportunity to learn more about topics that are not that widely discussed in Estonia such as the commercialisation of history and its relations to the tourism economy.

Stefanie Eisenhuth works at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Center for Contemporary History in Potsdam where she is also completing her dissertation. Her main research topic is the Cold War in Berlin. In addition, she is working on history tourism and dark tourism. See more HERE

Tim Köhler works at the Institute for Applied History in Frankfurt (Oder). He focuses on contemporary and cultural history in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as does research on didactics of history and the legacy of the GDR. He also works as a radio journalist, tour guide, writer and filmmaker. See more HERE

Stefanie Eisenhuth and Tim Köhler visit Tallinn University in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.


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