The First C1-Level Portuguese Language Course Was Opened


From Samba to Fado, from Vinicius to Pessoa, from Rio to Lisbon, there is a language connecting them all: Portuguese. Tallinn University School of Humanities offers Portuguese language courses up to C1 level.

Student profile

"We have students from different ages and backgrounds, who wish to learn Portuguese for several reasons: professional (many work as tourist guides or translators), personal (many are married to a lusophone), or simply because they would like to learn an "exotic" language," says Ana Sofia Chermont de Magalhães who teaches Portuguese at Tallinn University. 

Extremely motivated and committed, the students are open to all of the suggested activities, as well as to discover new horizons in the Portuguese language (just like true Portuguese explorers). They have been so motivated that it was thanks to their persistence that for the very first time in Estonia the Portuguese C1 course was opened!

After a four-year voyage through Portuguese, the students have reached a level of expertise that allows them to express their ideas with elegance and sophistication, effectively use different language registers, write critical reviews, and even troubadour-like poems.

Teaching style

"I like to call it the "rainbow method"," says Ana Sofia. "In each class, we combine a little of every skill (reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar) as if they were colours that are assembled to form a rainbow." Furthermore, the use of compelling, intriguing and up-to-date materials, combined with humorous explanations fosters a friendly and safe environment that motivates the interaction of students while keeping the highest quality and standards.


Portuguese and Brazilian guests, exhibitions about history and culture, the Lusophone Festival, Portuguese drama club, movie nights - these are only some of the activities that the Portuguese course offers to its students. "As a future project, soon we expect to create a webpage by and for the students with funny stories, tips, games and more," Ana Sofia adds.

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