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Study Areas

The Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health is an academic unit of Tallinn University that conducts studies on the three levels of higher education, continuing education and research, development and creative activities in the following study areas:

Movement, Health and Sports Sciences

The study area of movement, health and sports sciences connects the study programmes linked to personal service – physical education and recreation management – and is devoted to research and studies in movement, performance, ergonomics, recreation management, health conduct and sports sciences.

The study area is a partner to the focus fields on educational innovation, society and open governance and digital and media culture with the goal to integrate movement and health promotion with the health and activities of the individual, the society, governance and the whole nation.

Head of Study Area:
Kristjan Port
Telephone: (+372) 6391 758
E-mail: kristjan.port....at....tlu.ee
Location: Räägu 49, Tallinn

Science and Technology Education

The study area of science and technology education focuses on training teachers in these fields as well as developing the didactic methods. Study programmes are available for nature and science teachers, art therapists, handicraft and home economics teachers and industrial arts and technology teachers.

Our research focuses on nature sciences and technology didactics. We aim to integrate sustainability and health into teacher education and work out a sustainable form of teaching and grading methodology and new study materials in nature studies.

Heads of Study Area:
Tõnu Laas
Telephone: (+372) 6409 404
E-mail: tonu.laas....at....tlu.ee

Ene Lind
Telephone: (+372) 6391 744
E-mail: ene.lind....at....tlu.ee

Natural Sciences and Sustainability

The study area of natural sciences and sustainability focus on studies and research in biology, physics, geoecology, environment management, biochemistry and ecology.

Our research focuses on ecological studies, base and applied research in nature sciences, evaluation of effects on nature, and collaborating on the integration of sustainability into the educational system and governance. The institute also encompasses the Institute of Ecology.

Heads of Study Area:
Rando Tuvikene
Telephone: (+372) 6199 843
E-mail: rando.tuvikene....at....tlu.ee

Tiiu Koff
Telephone: (+372) 6199 825
E-mail: tiiu.koff....at....tlu.ee

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

The study area of psychology and behavioural sciences joins the expertise from psychology and organisational behaviour and applies them in studies and research.

The research fields of the area are psychological studies, instruments of assessment, research and consultation in organisational behaviour, behavioural and neurosciences, predictive services and developing their applications.

Head of Study Area:
Aleksander Pulver
Telephone: (+372) 6409 394
E-mail: aleksander.pulver....at....tlu.ee