Tallinn University RSS http://www.tlu.ee/ BAW Seminar: Meet the Researchers en/Events/7541/baw-seminar-meet-the-researchers 12th of March "Meet the Researchers"

Monday, March 12 from 2PM to 6 PM "Meet the Researchers", University of Tallinn (Narva mnt. 29), room A-325.
Take part of a seminar...]]> en/Events/7541/baw-seminar-meet-the-researchers BAW exhibition "The Brain as Art" en/Events/7542/baw-exhibition-the-brain-as-art Art exhibition "The Brain as Art"

The exhibition grand opening on March 12 at 12.00 in front of the cafe Astrarium.

"The Brain as Art" exhibit seeks to blur the...]]> en/Events/7542/baw-exhibition-the-brain-as-art Inimkond: Tauri Tuvikene en/School-of-Humanities/Events/7426/inimkond-tauri-tuvikene Inimkond seminar series will conclude this semester with a talk by Urban Studies researcher Tauri Tuvikene, taking place on 6 December at 16:15 in room...]]> en/School-of-Humanities/Events/7426/inimkond-tauri-tuvikene Seminar: Local level flood resilience in England and the Netherlands en/School-of-Humanities/Events/7422/seminar-local-level-flood-resilience-in-england On Thursday, 30 November at 10:00 the public seminar "Local level flood resilience in England and the Netherlands" takes place in room M-328. 

The speakers...]]> en/School-of-Humanities/Events/7422/seminar-local-level-flood-resilience-in-england TU Backyard Party en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party On 1 September the campus will turn into a backyard full of pleasant people, good music, fun activities and mouth-watering food! Come for a moment and stay for hours to meet new and old friends...]]> en/Events/7236/tu-backyard-party Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year The Opening Ceremony of the 2017/2018 academic year will take place on 1 September at 12:00 at the Tallinn University courtyard (in front of the Nova building). Rector Tiit Land and the head of...]]> en/Events/7235/opening-ceremony-of-the-academic-year 7th UNICA GREEN Workshop: Learning Interfaces for Sustainable Development en/Events/6988/7th-unica-green-workshop-learning-interfaces-for-sustainable-development The 7th UNICA GREEN Workshop: Learning Interfaces for Sustainable Development of Higher Education will be kindly hosted by Tallinn University,...]]> en/Events/6988/7th-unica-green-workshop-learning-interfaces-for-sustainable-development Rheology Day en/School-of-Natural-Sciences-and-Health/Events/7016/rheology-day

On the 11th of April organizes School of Natural Sciences and Health Rheology Day.

Rheology is the study of the flow of matter, primarily in a liquid...]]> en/School-of-Natural-Sciences-and-Health/Events/7016/rheology-day Famous Chinese playwright Wang Liping’s open lecture at Tallinn University en/confucius-institute/Events/6828/famous-chinese-playwright-wang-liping%e2%80%99s-open-lecture-at-tallinn-university Confucius Institute at Tallinn University is pleased to invite you on December 6th to attend a lecture “The daily life of ordinary people in the perspective of the Chinese...]]> en/confucius-institute/Events/6828/famous-chinese-playwright-wang-liping%e2%80%99s-open-lecture-at-tallinn-university Erasmus+ Traineeship Information Session en/Events/6283/erasmus-traineeship-information-session As a student or recent graduate of Tallinn University you have a great opportunity to do Erasmus+ Traineeship at an enterprise or organisation of one...]]> en/Events/6283/erasmus-traineeship-information-session Health Week at Tallinn University en/Events/6294/health-week-at-tallinn-university Health week focuses on the individual and using the environment to enhance our well-being. From Monday to Thursday, we offer several health-related lectures and activities, with a different...]]> en/Events/6294/health-week-at-tallinn-university Tallinn University Active Learning Week en/Events/6212/tallinn-university-active-learning-week Tallinn University Student Union and the Centre for Innovation in Education host the Active Learning Week, which focuses on a new way of teaching and learning in the university, and...]]> en/Events/6212/tallinn-university-active-learning-week Apply for Erasmus+ scholarship and do your exchange studies abroad en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6210/apply-for-erasmus-scholarship-and-do-your-exchange-studies-abroad Dear student of Tallinn University!

Application period for the Erasmus+ programme scholarship has started! Erasmus+ programme gives you opportunity to you study at another...]]> en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6210/apply-for-erasmus-scholarship-and-do-your-exchange-studies-abroad Orientation for International Students en/Events/6136/orientation-for-international-students Orientation for International Students

In Spring Semester 2015/2016 the Orientation Days will be taking place on February 1-3, 2016.

The Orientation Days will...]]> en/Events/6136/orientation-for-international-students The Seventh Tallinn Winter School in January 2016 en/Events/5927/the-seventh-tallinn-winter-school-in-january-2016 en/Events/5927/the-seventh-tallinn-winter-school-in-january-2016 Deadline:Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA grants for PhD students & Post-Doc researchers en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6050/Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA grants for PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers Erasmus Mundus project HUMERIA scholarships to ENPI countries: Doctoral students and Post-Doctoral researchers

3rd Call for Applications is open, apply...]]> en/academic-affairs-office/Events/6050/Erasmus Mundus HUMERIA grants for PhD students and Post-Doctoral researchers Public Defence of Margit Kaldmäe's Doctoral Thesis at Tallinn University en/Events/6023/public-defence-of-margit-kaldmaes-doctoral-thesis-at-tallinn-university On Friday, 11 December 2015, Margit Kaldmäe from the Tallinn University School of Natural Sciences and Health will defend her doctoral thesis "Biomarkers for Cardiovascular Disease in Estonian...]]> en/Events/6023/public-defence-of-margit-kaldmaes-doctoral-thesis-at-tallinn-university Institute for Ecology Presents: Seminar by Yukihiro Tamura en/Events/6082/institute-for-ecology-presents-seminar-by-yukihiro-tamura On Friday, 11 December 2015 at 9AM, at M-523, Yukihiro Tamura will give a lecture on Stand reconstruction of boreal forests in Juminda.

Yukihiro Tamura is a student from Kyoto University,...]]> en/Events/6082/institute-for-ecology-presents-seminar-by-yukihiro-tamura Best of Sleepwalkers 2015 en/Baltic-Film-Media-Arts-and-Communication-School/Events/6065/best-of-sleepwalkers-2015

You have a  chance to see best films of International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers 2015, this Thursday at Supernova Cinema, screening starts at 18.00
Tallinn University Christmas Fair en/Events/6038/tallinn-university-christmas-fair laat.jpg

On the first day of December, the Tallinn University Christmas Fair...]]> en/Events/6038/tallinn-university-christmas-fair