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One-day-bass-player at Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra


Some days before the Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra was coming to Hamburg, Lennart wrote an email that bass players would be welcome to play with the visiting orchestra. When it became apparent that I would be able to take part I, happy to engage in any international cooperations, promised to play with the visiting orchestra. We had the one and only rehearsal together on the day of the concert. And though I didn't get any of the Estonian words it was easy to play with an orchestra of that quality and with members that nice and helpful. Also, there were some English sentences thrown in, so that I knew were to play and the most important changes were announced in English as well. It was easy to play with my fellow bass player, as well, since I already had met him the day before on a half-day-tour through the harbour and the beach at the river Elbe. After rehearsal I had played almost everything once, so that in the concert only very few parts had to be played for the very first time. The highlight of the concert was, apart of two Estonian pieces I never had heard before, the encore, as in the concert of the University Orchestra of Hamburg, played by the two orchestras together. All in all it is to say that music has proven itself to be very international again. It's not necessary to speak the same language to create great music together.

Wolfgang, bass player at Hamburg University Symphony Orchestra