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The purpose of the TU Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation is to develop an interdisciplinary research field that focuses on innovative and evidence-based teacher education, school management and educational policy.

The Centre has been created under the aegis of the Cross-Border Educational Innovation through Technology-Enhanced Research (CEITER) project, which is financed from the European Commission´s ERA Chair measures. With the support of the ERA Chair project, an international research group will be created in TU whose main focus will be in the following Information and Communication Technology (ICT) areas:
(a) The next generation of digital learning environments and resources;
(b) New ICT-based methods for promoting learning analytics;
(c) Educational research.

The Centre views educational innovation from a broader perspective. It addresses the need to create a scientific base for the development of a new learning and teaching culture and to ensure it is firmly rooted in Estonian education.

The core team of the Centre of Excellence:

  • Krista Loogma: Capability of lifelong learning, key competences, learning and society, and analysis of the work of teachers and school leaders
  • Aino Ugaste: Teachers´ approaches to learning and the sociocultural context of teaching
  • Marika Veisson: The changed approach to learning and innovative learning environments in early childhood education
  • Katrin Poom-Valickis: Evaluating the changing learning and teaching culture in the work context of the self-directed learner and teacher
  • Shinya Sugita: Applying knowledge of the principles of how ecosystems function in the contemporary educational system
  • Aaro Toomela: The methods of assessment, early detection and working environment description; key competences, relationship of the learner between him- or herself and others, and the natural environment. Knowledge-based and evidence-based educational policy and learning analytics
  • Tobias Ley: Digital learning ecosystems, informal learning in the workplace, and knowledge management through the use of social media
  • Mart Laanpere: Digital competences of teachers and learners and the management and measurement of innovation at the school level
  • David Lamas: Interaction and design of digital learning environments
  • Terje Väljataga: Self-directed learning in a digital environment and learning networks for adult learners
  • Kai Pata: Learning ecosystems, learning niches, reflection, action research
  • Kairit Tammets: Learning analytics, digital development portfolio in a teacher´s professional development, competence models
  • Vladimir Tomberg: Universal design of digital learning tools, the computer-based assessment of learning outcomes

The council of the TU Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation:

  • Mati Heidmets, Head of the Centre
  • Aaro Toomela
  • Katrin Poom-Valickis
  • Kristi Vinter
  • Mart Laanpere
  • Mihkel Kangur

Mati Heidmets, Head of the Centre
E-mail: mati.heidmets....at....tlu.ee 
Phone: +372 619 9789