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ISBN 978-9985-58-828-4
420 pages 

Between Self and Societies: Creating Psychology in a New Key (in English)
Jaan Valsiner
Edited by Maaris Raudsepp 

24,20 €


“Between Self and Societies: Creating Psychology in a New Key” contains a collection of unpublished texts by Dr. Jaan Valsiner, an innovative researcher in the field of cultural psychology. The papers included in this book enable the reader to trace the unfolding of Valsiner´s central ideas and are organized into six thematic chapters, according to the main focus of the texts (I Trajectories of psychology in societal context, II How to study qualitative developmental phenomena?, III Focus of cultural psychology: culture as a process within and between persons, IV Semiotic processes: how meanings are made?, V Cultural-semiotic regulation in societal and interpersonal processes,VI Cultural-semiotic self-regulation). The articles are accompanied by retrospective comments and two interviews that uncover Valsiner’s unique personal perspective.

Jaan Valsiner (born in 1951 in Tallinn, Estonia) is one of the founders of the re-birth of cultural psychology at the end of the 20th century. Among many varieties of cultural psychology, which all focus on the meaningfulness and cultural nature of psychological phenomena, he has inititated and is developing a cultural psychology of semiotic dynamics, providing thorough theoretical innovations to psychological science. Since 2013 Jaan Valsiner is the Niels Bohr Professor of Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University in Denmark, where he leads Europe’s first Research Centre on Cultural Psychology. Among his numerous works “Culture and the Development of Children's action” (1987, 1997) “The Guided Mind”, “The Social Mind” (2000), “Culture in Minds and Societies”(2007), “A Guided Science” (2012), “An Invitation to Cultural Psychology” (2014) could be named. In spring 2017 he was honoured with the Hans Kilian Award.

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ISBN 978-9985-58-807-9
336 pages

Urban Semiotics: the City as a Cultural-Historical Phenomen
Edited by Igor Pilshchikov

23,70 €

This collection of essays presents the materials of the Third Annual Juri Lotman Days at Tallinn University in Estonia (3–5 June 2011). The participants discussed the semiotics of urban space from the perspective of the Tartu-Moscow School in comparison with contemporary approaches.

This book consists of four sections. The articles in the first section discuss how “urban texts” function in modern and contemporary Baltic cultures. The papers in the second section focus on the semiotics of place in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Russian and Soviet culture from the perspective of linguistic poetics, cultural semiotics, and new materiality. The last two sections are devoted to the visual perceptions of the cityscape and their ideological interpretations as exemplified by Ukrainian, Estonian, Korean, Chinese, and North American illustrations.

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ISBN 978-9985-58-806-2
290 pages

I luoghi nostri: Dante’s Natural and Cultural Spaces
Edited by Zygmunt G. Barański, Andreas Kablitz and Ülar Ploom

26 €

This article collection contains a selection of the latest work of internationally renowned Dante-researchers. The collection is centred, above all, on room-related problems in different aspects (late medieval cosmology, Dante’s poetics of room, semiotics and phenomenology, Judaic, Islamic, Christian, Pagan and folk aspects and motives in the representation of room) as well as many other topical issues in contemporary Dantology (Dante’s dialogue with the epic of antiquity, Dante’s intellectual development). Eleven articles and essays include approaches to above issues within a wider context or in-depth analyses of selected cantos.


ISBN 978-9985-58-794-2
Paper back
208 pages

Translation in its Time: Three Case Studies in Estonian Translation
Anne Lange 

13,75 €


"Estonian culture – like any other culture – is one of translation: a collection of texts that are read in one language and understood in another language. Paradoxically, a translation is often less valued than the original. Is this opinion justified? Furthermore, why should we value and read today, the works of translators who were known in public life in an earlier period of history?

"Translation in its time" seeks answers to these questions by providing an overview of what has been considered to be good quality translation in Estonia over a period of 100 years. Three translated books have been chosen for close reading. These are:  "Paradise Lost. Paradise Regained" 1895); "Lord Jim" (1931); "Pride and Prejudice" (1985) and this time the protagonists of the books are their translators - Timotheos Kuusik, Anton Hansen-Tammsaare and Henno Rajandi. Today, to a large degree, we are still living in an Estonian culture translated by them."

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ISBN 978-9985-58-792-8
357 pages

МОГУТ ЛИ ТЕКСТЫ ЛГАТЬ? К проблеме работы с недостоверными источниками 
Can Texts Lie? On the Problematics of Working with Unreliable Sources (in Russian)
Edited by Tatjana Kuzovkina 

13 €


“CAN TEXTS LIE? On the Problematics of Working with Unreliable Sources” is a collection that includes a variety of material from the 4th Yuri Lotman Semiotic Conference at the University of Tallinn in 2012. This conference concentrated on problematics in the humanities relating to the criticism and analysis of the sources of scientific research.

Developing the ideas of the Tartu-Moscow School of Semiotics, the articles expand upon the possibilities of using counterfeit or deliberately misinforming sources in scientific research; cases, where it is difficult to understand, which text is the most “original” or authoritative; the problems of textological, philological, historical and cultural research.

The book is divided into four sub-parts. The first part includes essays studying the linguistic and cultural aspects of the terms “right/wrong” on a theoretical level. In addition, the conference thesis from Juri Lotman’s personal archive “On the Inevitability of Untrue Utterances” is published for the first time and promoted in an accompanying commentary by Tatyana Kuzovkina.

The articles in the second part discuss the source treatment at the Tartu-Moscow School and the culturo-historical problems that relate to it. The articles in the third part analyse cases where unreliability is a part of the author’s strategy, for example, artistic manipulations with the (non) authenticity of sources, fictional biographies and histories. The fourth part concentrates on the phenomenon of lying in different cultural and political discourses. 


ISBN 9789-985-58-78-29
560 pages

В свете незримого: жизнь и судьба А. А. Крогиуса
In the Light of the Invisible: the Life and Destiny of A. A. Krogius (in Russian)
Kirill Maslov

17 €


This book tells the story of the life and scientific pursuits of A.A. Krogius (1871-1933), a graduate of the University of Tartu. Krogius was an active participant in psychology congresses and is considered to be the founder of the science of psychology of the blind in Russia.

He was a professor of Psychology at the Saratov State University from 1919 to 1932 but his life was over-shadowed by the dramatic historical events of the early 20th century. The book includes unique documents made available from both public and private archives in Estonia, Russia and the U.S.

In the Light of the Invisible: the Life and Destiny of A. A. Krogius will be of particular interest for psychologists, historians of science and students but will also appeal to anybody who is interested in history and science. 

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ISBN 9789-985-58-779-9
340 pages

Семиотика города: Материалы Третьих Лотмановских дней в Таллиннском университете (3–5 июня 2011 г.)
Urban semiotics: materials from 3rd Juri Lotman Days at Tallinn University (in Russian)
Edited by Igor Pilshchikov 

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The book consists of four sections. The articles in the first section discuss how the “text of Tallinn” and the “text of Vilnius” function in modern and contemporary Baltic and Eastern Slavic cultures. The second section is devoted to the problems of urbanism as they are reflected in the Russian literature of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The third section includes the papers that describe the visual and mental perception of the city space by the artists, travellers, and local inhabitants themselves. The fourth and the last section contains the controversy between the participants in the discussion of the semiotics of St. Petersburg in the interpretation of Juri Lotman and Boris Uspensky.

vene keel täna_n (1).jpg

ISBN 9789-985-58-772-0
272 pages

Русский язык сегодня: Aктуальные вопросы теории и их методическая интерпретация
Russian Language Today: The Topical Questions of the Theory and theri Methodical Interpretation (in Russian)
Compiled and edited by Natalia Tshuikina

8 €


The book disserts the aspects of modern linguistics, which have not lost their topicality over time. By finding additional data from the language system, the current linguistic theory focuses on the functioning of the language instruments, and the semantics and pragmatics – cognitive processes – of using them. Thus it becomes possible to interpret the content and meaning of language units. The named aspects form the basis of language studies, developing the skills of understanding fluent speech and building it.

The first part of the book is dedicated to the linguistic description of the Russian language; the second part disserts the problems of teaching Russian. The concepts of Russian culture, which are attainable through linguistic research and allow teaching the understanding of Russian culture, reflect in the aforementioned aspects. This is especially relevant in the light of current social situation: A 21st century globalised multicultural community, where the Russian language and teaching it have a clear position.

The book is comprised of articles by Estonian, Russian, Finnish, Czech, Polish and Bulgarian researchers.


ISBN 9789-985-58-774-4
512 pages

Playgrounds And Battlefields: Critical Perspectives of Social Engagement
Edited by Francisco Martínez ja Klemen Slabina
Authors: Francisco Martínez, Klemen Slabina, Mihhail Lotman, Siobhan Kattago, Kevin Ryan, Tom Frost, Flo Kasearu, Marcos Farias-Ferreira, Jaanika Puusalu, Dita Bezdíčková, Emeli Theander, Patrick Laviolette, Alastair Bonnett, Oleg Pachenkov and Lilia Voronkova, Anne Vatén, Helena Holgersson, Patricia García Espín and Manuel García Fernández, Benjamin Noys, Kristina Norman, Madli Maruste, Pille Runnel and Ehti Järv, Alessandro Testa, Sean Homer, Tarmo Jüristo

15 €


This book explores whether the metaphors of ‘playground’ and ‘battlefield’ might be analytically meaningful terms for understanding contemporary society. The duality of playgrounds and battlefields is presented as a space of continuous becoming, related to the recreation, domination and experience of a place, as well as to corresponding practices of excess, interaction and enjoyment. We believe that a discussion about engagement and responsibility in a modern social setting is possible only through new concepts that avoid binary formulations. Playgrounds and battlefields are thus used as a trigger enabling a fresh approach to a contemporaneity that is highly influenced by the way in which societies deal with their past and future. In this sense, the ‘Playgrounds and Battlefields’ volume is a thematic one, mapping the field and offering grammar of possibility.


ISBN 9789-985-58-764-5
480 pages

Jutlustajad ja hingede päästjad: Dominiiklaste ordu ja Tallinna Püha Katariina Konvent
Preachers and Soul Saviours: The Dominican Order and the Tallinn St. Catherine’s Convent (in Estonian)
Tiina Kala 


The book “Jutlustajad ja hingede päästjad: dominiiklaste ordu ja Tallinna Püha Katariina Konvent” (Preachers and Soul Saviours: The Dominican Order and the Tallinn St. Catherine’s Convent) thoroughly depicts the history of the Dominicans in Tallinn from the establishment of the convent to its breakup, by revealing the everyday life of the Dominican Brothers - their liturgy and relationship with the rest of the world, arguments with the clergy and relations with the town´s people, the aristocracy and the farmers. The fate of the convent is compared to the overall history of the Order of Preachers, supporting historical facts with printed publications and handwritten resources. These have come mainly from the Tallinn city archives, but some have also come from the Hamburg National Archives and the central archives of the Order of Preachers.

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ISBN 978-9985-58-759-1
582 pages

Случайность и непредсказуемость в истории культуры. Материалы Вторых Лотмановских дней в Таллиннском университете (4–6 июня 2010 г.)
Chance and Indeterminism in Cultural History. Materials of the Second Juri Lotman Days at Tallinn University (4–6 June 2010) (in Russian)
General Editor: Igor Pilshchikov
Edited by T. Kuzovkina, I. Pilshchikov, N. Poselyagin and M. Trunin 

14 €


This collection presents the materials of the conference, which was devoted to the concepts of “chance”, “unpredictability”, “probability”, and “coincidence”. The book consists of three sections. The first section includes the papers that discuss cultural-historical problems in terms of such terminological opposition as “necessity vs. chance”, “predictable vs.unpredictable”, and “deterministic vs. stochastic”. The second section is devoted to the problems of indeterminism in Russian cultural history as they are reflected in Russian poetic, novelistic, cinematic and political discourses and narratives. The articles in the third section discuss cultural and political aspects of contemporary history of Central and Eastern Europe, and, in particular, J. Lotman’s communication with the Estonian academic and social milieu.


ISBN 978-9985-58-750-8
260 pages

Культура русской диаспоры: эмиграция и мифы
Russian Diaspora Culture: Emigration and Myth (in Russian)
Edited by Aleksandr Danilevski and Sergei Dotsenko

11 €


To a great extent, the mythification of Russian exile culture is a result of the absence of any reliable scientific in-depth description of the history of Russian emigration for a number of decades. The articles in this collection ("Культура русской диаспоры: эмиграция и мифы")aim to reconstruct Russian exile culture in all its layers and diversity.  Specific examples and facts are used to outline and open the mechanisms which, in essence, are mythological and which created the mysterious "Russian Atlantis" of the 20th century. Paradoxically, it is this aspect of researching myths pertaining to exile that makes it possible to expose the reality of the historical archipelago in which the Russian-European culture existed during the 20th century.


ISBN 978-9985-58-749-2
352 pages

Исследования в области семантической поэтики акмеизма
Research into the Semantic Poetics of Russian Akmeism (in Russian)
Suren Zoljan, Mihhail Lotman

11 €


"Исследования в области семантической поэтики акмеизма" (

"Research into the Semantic Poetics of Russian Akmeism"

) is a collection of articles that combines the texts of two literary theorists and linguists, Suren Zoljan and Mihhail Lotman. The book is devoted to the poetics of Osip Mandelstam and Anna Ahmatova, leading figures of Russian akmeism in which their most important semantic mechanisms are outlined. Mandelstam and Ahmatova both share the compression of meaning, but their works also exhibit principal differences, e.g. Ahmatova often tries to encipher