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Vita Salubris


Connecting Paradigms of Motor Behaviour to Sport and Physical Education 
Edited by Kaivo Thomson and Anthony Watt

8 €


“Connecting Paradigms of Motor Behaviour to Sport and Physical Education” presents recent articles that examine theoretical and empirical research on the learning and teaching of motor skills. The development of the book is based on the effect of synergism – a phenomenon whereby the cooperative interaction of multiple psychological, pedagogical, and biological ideas, drawn from the systemic model, produces an outcome that is superior to that which could be expected from knowledge derived from the independent contributions of these disciplines.
For students, researchers and teachers working in the fields of sports and physical education, this book should promote a deeper understanding of previous knowledge, and provide exposure to ideas that frame new perspectives related to the acquisition of skills and motor learning.


Baltic Suicide Paradox 
Edited by Airi Värnik, Merike Sisask and Peeter Värnik

8 €


Suicide is the most extreme form of self-destructive behaviour. The mystery of suicide has prompted mankind to search for the causes of self-inflicted mortality in all ages and societies. During the last 50 years, most of the research into suicide has been conducted in countries with established democracies and market economies, in which no significant societal changes have taken place. By contrast, this book provides the reader with insights into the sociological and psychological aspects of suicide in the Baltic countries –Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which have experienced dramatic social upheaval in the last 30 years.

The peaks and valleys of suicide curves coincide with rapid socio-political and economic changes that demanded high levels of adaptation in all post-Soviet countries. It has been found that the causes of suicide in Eastern European countries varied widely and the same explanations do not apply to all of them; however, the relationship between suicide and social processes is undeniable.
This book presents a collection of ideas and theories from well-known researchers about suicide in the Baltic countries against the backdrop of the former Soviet Union, its satellites and Western Europe.