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mints_n.jpgISBN 978-9985-58-831-4 
528 pages

Dedicated to Zara Mints on Her 90th Anniversary of Birth. Letters, Memories, Articles.
(in Russian)
Edited by Tatjana Kuzovkina, Mihhail Lotman and Maija Halturina

12,40 €


This collection is a tribute to Zara Mints (1927–1990), professor of the University of Tartu and an outstanding researcher of the Silver Age of Russian culture. The collection consists of four parts: materials from the Yuri Lotman and Zara Mints archive in Estonian Semiotics Repository Foundation, Zara Mints’ letters from other archives and private collections, memories and articles inspired by the works of Zara Mints. Texts provide an opportunity for the reader of the collection to get an idea of the charming personality of Zara Mints, her significant role in the development of the special atmosphere in Tartu and her influence on the students of many generations.

lotmani portreed_n.jpg

ISBN 978-9985-58-809-3
Hard cover
488 pages

Juri Lotmani autoportreed. Автопортреты Ю. М. Лотмана. Juri Lotman’s
Self-portraits (in English, Estonian and Russian)
Edited and compiled by Tatjana Kuzovkina and Sergei Daniel
Translated from Russian to Estonian and English by Piret Peiker

16,90 €

A trilingual and colourful book of self-portraits is a valuable addition to the legacy of this great scientist. Yuri Lotman was artistically talented and mastered a brilliant sketching technique; he knew how to convey the essence of things, animals, people with just a few lines. Often he drew himself, and this part of his artistic heritage is especially interesting culturally and in terms of his biography as a scientist: self-portrait is the expression of inner and outer at the same time, and reveals how the author views himself, what are the most intrinsic features of his character and behaviour. Yuri Lotman drew self-portraits often at random, on the edges of his research work, bibliographical sheets, calendar sheets etc. His self-portraits have been drawn in a humorous light, often using self-irony and expressing the author’s sense of humour. This makes the images especially charming. Illustrations differ by composition: there are quick portraits on the edges of texts, some have been outlined into the text, often accompanied by verbal comments, there are image series, stories within the images. Each drawing is accompanied by a short comment that contains necessary information for understanding the image: size, time of creation, location of the archival document, explanations on the content and the circumstances of its creation, if necessary. Comments have been written by Tatyana Kuzovkina. She has also written an epilogue for the drawings in cooperation with S. M. Daniel. As an important addition to Yuri Lotman’s legacy, primarily his biography, the book is trilingual: all comments and the epilogue are in Estonian, Russian and English.


ISBN 978-9985-58-810-9 
Hard cover
821 pages

J. M. Lotman, B. A. Uspenski. Correspondence 1964–1993  (in Russian)
Ю. М. Лотман – Б. А. Успенский. Переписка 1964–1993

Compiled and commented by Olga Kelbert and Mikhail Trunin
Edited by Boris Uspenski 

16.80 €


Correspondence of professors Yuri Lotman (1922–1993) and Boris Uspensky (b. 1937) includes more than 420 letters from the years 1964–1993. In the letters of two scientists, university and family life at that time is reflected, and the birth and development of the scientific ideas of both authors who stood at the source of Tartu-Moscow (or Moscow-Tartu) semiotic school is observed. 
In addition, letters of Boris Uspensky’s relatives to Yuri Lotman and to Zara Mintz (including the letters of a known mathematician Vladimir Uspensky) as well as not yet published articles in Russian that reflect the development of structuralism and semiotics in the years 1960–1980, are published for the first time.


ISBN 9789-985-58-768-3
296 pages

The Unpredictable Workings of Culture
Juri Lotman
Translated from Russian to English by Brian Baer
Afterword by Mihhail Lotman

12 €


The Unpredictable Workings of Culture belongs to Juri Lotman’s late period. Previously published in Italian and Russian, this work is appearing now for the first time in English translation. The book’s general thematics link it to Lotman’s two other final monographs,Universe of the Mind and Culture and Explosion, already well-known to Anglophone readers. All three of these books are dedicated to questions that occupied this scholar and thinker during the last years of his life: first, the need for a common approach to natural, social, and spiritual phenomena; second, the problem of evolutionary and explosive processes in the history of culture; and, third, the question, closely linked to the previous two, of art as a workshop of unpredictability.

Lotman’s friends and colleagues—brilliant representatives of the Tartu-Moscow Semiotic School—point out the special style and tone of this work: “While I was reading the book, I had the sensation I was speaking with Lotman. I could hear his intonations; I could see his face turned toward me. I used to have the same feeling when I listened to his lectures. It seemed that he wasn’t speaking to us all at the same time but rather to each one of us individually” (Boris Uspensky). “This book is an outstanding example of Lotman’s style. Here Lotman expresses his most cherished thoughts with a clarity and in a form that make them accessible to a wide audience, offering rare and fascinating examples to illustrate his points” (Vyacheslav Ivanov).

ISBN 978-9985-58-735-5
606 pages

Переписка 1954–1965 
Correspondence 1954-1965
Juri Lotman, Zara Mints, Boris Yegorov 
Edited and commented by Boris Jegorov, Tatjana Kuzovkina and Nikolai Poseljagin, foreword Boris Egorov

Temporarily out of stock

Yuri Lotman, Zara Mints and Boris Egorov. Correspondence 1954–1965 (in Russian)


ISBN: 978-9985-58-707-2
500 pages

Jalutuskäigud Lotmaniga 
Strolls with Lotman (in Estonian)
Compiled by Mihhail Lotman

14 €


Juri Lotman (1922-1993), a world-famous semiotician, literary and cultural historian, professor at the University of Tartu and founder of the Moscow-Tartu School in the 1960s, was the author of numerous important works on the semiotics of culture and the structure of poetry and literature.
This book is not dedicated to the academic aspect of Juri Lotman’s life, but rather portrays him as the person his colleagues and close friends knew in their daily lives. The book is comprised of Lotman’s recollections and interviews in Estonian as well as texts written during various periods of his life.
The book was compiled by Mihhail Lotman, Professor of Semiotics and Literary Theory atTallinn University.


ISBN 978-9985-58-697-6
234 pages

Непредсказуемые механизмы культуры 
Unpredictable Mechanisms of Culture (in Russian)
Juri Lotman

9 €


This book, dictated by cultural semiotician Juri Lotman at the end of his life, completes his former work "Culture and Explosion". Due to its difficult editorial history, this work remained unknown for a long time. The author analyses the universal rules of history, the meaning of explosion and unpredictability in culture, and discusses art as a workshop of unpredictability.
The legendary semiotician Juri Lotman (1922−1993), one of the founders of the Tartu-Moscow school of semiotics, did not live to see this work published – it was edited by his disciples.