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Quaesitum Compertumque


ISBN: 978-9985-58-701-0

The Dilemmas Of Identity 
George Schöpflin

10 €


What is an identity? What is the function of identities and why do we have them? Why do we identify with some people more strongly than with others? And what role do identities play in politics and the exercise of political power?

This book is devoted to looking at these and related questions from a thoroughly multi-disciplinary perspective, relying on insights from various fields of study, including political science, sociology, anthropology and social psychology, to provide mutual illumination
The scope of the book is very bold, relating identity to power, community and globalisation, while simultaneously and successfully fusing theory and case studies. Identity and nationhood are central world concepts and this book offers a unique approach to the role that identities play.
George Schöpflin is a Hungarian academic and politician and a Member of the European Parliament.