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Slavica Revalensia

Slavica Revalensia is a peer-reviewed academic journal in Russian and Slavic studies. SR is aimed at providing grounds for the exchange of ideas in the whole range of relevant subjects, such as Lingustics and Poetics, Russian Literature, Slavic Laguages, etc. Each volume is structured as follows: Issledovaniia i materialy [Articles], Kritika [Reviews], Bibliografiia [Bibliography]. The Editor-in-Chief is Grigori Utgof. The languages of Slavica Revalensia are Russian and English.

The journal provides open access to its content. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, or print full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author.

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ISSN 2346-5824
271 pages

Slavica Revalensia III (2016) (in Russian)
Editor: Grigori Utgof
Authors: Aleksei Balakin, Daria Dorving, Sergei Dotsenko, Fjodor Dvinjatin, Jevgenia Khazdan, Julia Krasnosselskaja, Semjon Leonenko, Larissa Naiditš , Maria Posledova, Anna Rubtsova, Marina Salman, Gabriel Superfin, Pavel Uspenski, Jelena Zemskova.

6 €


Slavica Revalensia is an international peer-reviewed journal, founded in Tallinn University in 2014, and dedicated to Slavonic studies. In the third issue of Slavica Revalensia, 12 new texts not yet published are waiting to be discovered by the reader. These include, for example, Fjodor Dvinjatin's study on the structure of Alexander Pushkin's poem "От меня вечор Леила..." (1835–1836), Julia Krasnosselskaja's article on the idea of rent in Leo Tolstoy's social initiatives in 1857, Marina Salman's study on the earlier period of the life of Julian Oksman, the connoisseur of Russian 19th century literature (1895–1970), and Jevgenia Khazdan's article on how the staff of Russian Institute of Art History reacted to the recent attempt to "optimize" their place of work.

Abstracts of the articles are in Estonian and English.

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ISSN 2346-5824
232 pages

Slavica Revalensia II (2015) (in Russian)
Edited by Grigori Utgof
Authors: Andrei Kostin, Aleksei Balakin, Anna Gubergrits, Anna Dolinina, Marina Salman, Olga Demidova, Dmitri Nikolayev, Vladimir Toporov, Sergei Shindin 

10 €


Slavica Revalensia is an international scientific journal that was founded in 2014 and is focused on Slavonic studies. The journal is published in Russian and it has three sections: “Studies and materials”, “Criticism” and “Bibliography”.

In the second issue of Slavica Revalensia, nine new texts not yet published are waiting to be discovered by the reader. They include Aleksei Balakin’s study on an unknown version of Ossip Mandelstam’s poem “Я вернулся в мой город, знакомый до слез…”, Olga Demidova’s article on the reception of Marcel Proust and James Joyce in Russian exile literature during the period between the wars, and a scientific autobiography of an outstanding Russian philologist Vladimir Nikolayevich Toporov (1928–2005) (Mikhail Dynin’s and Tatyana Civyan’s publication).