Training Centre

The aim of the Training Centre is to support the development of individuals, teams and organizations through offering degree studies, preparatory studies and further training in every field that Tallinn University has to offer. The Training Centre is part of the Open University.

Continuing education

Opportunities for development are available in cooperation with the academic units of the university and expert individuals, teams and organisations in every field of Tallinn University's competence.

Open degree studies | A year in the university

It is possible to pursue studies in daytime, distance or session learning programmes, in both bachelor’s and master’s programmes within the framework of degree studies.

Preparatory studies

Secondary school students have an opportunity to prepare themselves for university studies through the courses of the Student Academy, lectures in schools, optional subjects, the Student-shadow project and participation in the Olympiads.

Additional information is available here.

For more information please contact

Tallinn University Open Academy
Narva mnt 25, room S-206
Tel: + 372 640 9139
E-mail: openacademy....at....tlu.ee