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Study Room

Study Room is meant for study and research. It is open from 7–23. There is a copy machine, 37 work places (3 with computers) and image-enlarging reading device.

The entrance to the Study Room outside the Study Centre´s opening hours (Mon–Fri 7–9 and 19–23, Sat 7–11 and 16–23, Sun 7–23) is through a separate door (2nd floor of Astra building, A206 ) with the ID-card as your library card. 

NB! Please use the separate door of Study Room only when the rest of the Study Centre is closed, other times use the Study Centre´s main door on the first floor of the Centre.

Items you want to use in the Study Room after closing the Study Centre must be checked-out before closing the Centre (Mon–Fri before 19 and Sat before 16). 

Please also acquaint yourself with the Study Centre´s lending rules

Study Room´s rules of use:

  • Use the Room for study and research. 
  • Be considerate with others.
  • Keep the silence and you surroundings clean.
  • When leaving, set the furniture and computers in their initial position.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings (including books) in the Study Room during the night, also not to the trolleys. Use the trolley during the opening hours, emty it for the night and take your personal belongings with you.  
  • Study Centre is not responsible for the personal belongings.

There is video surveillance in the Room.