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Estonia in Pictures

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The longest hiking trail organised by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is 370 km long and it goes across whole Estonia. Bog walking - it is an intriguing yet safe option. Your legs will not get wet but you will experience something unique.

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Rare plants, birds, and animals like to live in the bogs. These areas are massive and uninhabited. However, you can access the internet with a laptop or mobile phone from 99% of Estonia, bogs included! In Estonia, wireless internet is almost everywhere and almost always free!

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Tallinn University – From People to People

We are innovators in Estonian education
and Estonia's largest provider of teacher education
since 1919.

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Estonia is the country with the cleanest air in the world and has over 1,500 islands for you to visit! Considering its small size, Estonia has an exceptionally long coastline – 3800 km – where nearly 150 ports can be found.

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Public transport has been fare-free for Tallinn residents since 1 January 2013, making Tallinn the first European capital abolishing fares for city residents.

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Estonia made a history by becoming the first country in the world to offer e-residency. This means that interested applicants can obtain a digital ID that will let them use Estonia’s digital services online around the world.

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Song and dance celebrations are an old and very important tradition for Estonia and Estonians (the first song celebration took place in 1869 and the first dance celebration in 1934) and these celebrations are nowadays held every five years. In 2003 our tradition of song and dance celebrations was entered to UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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It takes only about 20 minutes to found your own company online and 99% of banking is done online! Tallinn is Europe's hottest start-up capitals and its fairy tale like old town is a UNESCO Heritage Site since 1997.

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Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union for decades but Estonia sees itself as more influenced by Nordic tastes and traditions - Scandinavia with a twist.
The history of Soviet communal living is contained within the walls of the soviet-era apartment blocks and these lookalike city districts can also be found in Tallinn.

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Estonian winters are rather cold – the temperature can drop to as low as -30°C (-22°F). Exploring and traversing the natural environment is a long-standing tradition among Estonians. The saying that describes Estonians attitude towards diverse weather conditions the best is that “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing!”.

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Generally Estonians are considered as being silent and slow people by nature, even numb perhaps.  But did you know that Estonian humour is blacker than that of the English - dry, sarcastic and quite often politically incorrect. Jokes at own expense are popular. However behind the brave facade of Estonian irony lurks a tender heart and a friendly welcome.

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Is Estonia the world’s smallest country? - Certainly not. With an area of 45 000 sq. km, Estonia is larger than Denmark or Switzerland. Conversely, with its population of 1.29 million, Estonia ranks among the smallest countries in the world. However, despite its small population there are about one hundred different nationalities and ethnic groups represented in Estonia.

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Bog landscapes stretching to the horizon make up a scene rarely encountered elsewhere in western Europe. Of all the various biotic communities in Estonia, bogs are the most ancient.

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In deep winter the Baltic Sea freezes creating roads between the mainland and the islands. The longest ice road in Europe (26.5 km) is located in Estonia.

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About 50% of Estonia's territory is covered with forest, serving as a home to elks, bears, wolves, lynxes and other generally friendly animals.

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Ernest Hemingway has written that in every port in the world, at least one Estonian can be found!