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About Estonia

Republic of Estonia is a small country located in the south of Finland as the northern one of the three Baltic States. It is bordered with Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea from north and west and with Lativa, lake Peipsi and the Russian Fereration from south and east.

It's population is 1.34 million and the nations official language is Estonian. It became a member of NATO in March 29, 2004 and a member of European Union on May 1st 2004. Currency used here is euro since the 1st of January 2011. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn.

Estonia is a country of thousands of lakes and small islands (Estonia has 1521 islands), but no mountains. The highest top is 318 meters from the sea and is called Suur Munamägi.

The climate here is different in each season. In the winter the average temperature is -2 degrees (Celsius) but it may sink to -25 degrees, usually in January or February. Next to the cold winters, Estonia has hot summers. The average temperature is +19.4 degrees but in July it may rise up to +30 degrees. Weather forecast is available here: http://www.foreca.com/Estonia