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Centre for Innovation in Education

The aim of the Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) is to provide support for the launch and application of innovative and interdisciplinary solutions in both physical and virtual learning environments.




The CIE consists of the administrative team and 8 laboratories:

The innovative classrooms in these laboratories incorporate educational technology that can be used to experiment with contemporary educational ideas and concepts that are in the developmental or final stage of implementation.

The office of the Centre for Innovation in Education is on the 4th floor of the Terra building where also most of the classrooms for the Centre are located.

The priorities of the Centre for Innovation in Education are to
  • Create and support networks for cooperation between scientists, teachers and trainee teachers;
  • Create, manage and develop contemporary open-learning environments and interactive classrooms;
  • Launch and implement scientific and developmental projects related to lifelong learning;
  • Develop and elaborate innovative curricula and modules (pre- and continuous teacher training);
  • Development and implementation of innovative teaching methods (including learning materials, technologies, forms of training);
  • Consult with teachers, subject didactics lecturers, students and develop training;
  • Include foreign lecturers, scientists and doctoral students in the activities of the centre;
  • Systematize the formation of teachers´ professional identity and contribute in creating a recognizable and respected teacher’s professional identity.
The CIE provides the following options for cooperation
  • Development of physical and virtual learning environments through design and implementation of pre- and in-service teacher training.
  • Collaborative projects that combine the ideas of academia with business opportunities
  • Research and development projects in cooperation with practitioners and scientists
  • School development projects
  • Development of curriculum in teacher training
  • Further training for teachers and lecturers
The CIE idea laboratory

The Idea Laboratory, which holds monthly sessions, focuses on innovative methodology and gathers interesting and promising ideas from different fields of study, some of which may become a reality.

The Idea Laboratory is open to everyone.
If you have an idea that you would like to present for consideration or if you are looking for a partner for cooperation, please contact us by e-mail: pille.slabina....at....tlu.ee.