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The Laboratory of Health


The laboratory integrates the following activities in the fields of Health Education and Exercise:

  • The development of teacher training and subject didactics
  • The development of educational and scientific cooperation with partners in various sectors, both in Estonia and abroad (specialty associations, lecturers, students, teachers)
  • The identification and mediation of the best practices of teaching in the field of Health Education and Exercise
  • The development and application of new forms of training, methodology, learning materials and technologies
  • The improvement in the quality of teaching in the health sciences
  • The development of methods of learning and pilot-testing
Activities of 2014
  • The creation of networks for cooperation
  • The development of workshops for sharing methods of learning
  • The creation of an online system for methods of learning, methodology and standards that assist in assessing the influence of health related behaviour.
  • The creation of didactic-methodological resources for teachers
  • The organization of a didactics workshop: “Physical education for children with special needs”.

The laboratory is led by Maie Alas, lecturer at the Institute of Health Sciences and Sports.
The laboratory is located on the 4nd floor of the Terra building of Tallinn University.
Contact e-mail maie.alas....at....tlu.ee.