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The Laboratory of Language

The Language Laboratory carries out the following activities:

Teachers of Language didactics cooperate with the students, teachers, schools, specialty associations and the compilers of learning materials. 

Organization of open lectures
The best way to teach something new is to demonstrate it. The Language Laboratory organizes open lectures and invites teachers, compilers of learning materials and others to observe the practical training of didactics. Teachers have an opportunity to conduct classes in the laboratory’s classroom.

Developing, testing and demonstrating new learning methods and approaches
The language learning practices developed and tested during courses at Tallinn University are not kept behind closed doors. Teachers and other people interested in the subject are invited to the lectures and seminars so that they can try these innovative approaches by themselves.

Updating resource material
The most important aspects of the Language Laboratory are down-to-earth, coherent and text-based language learning. By applying this approach in schools, the language learning will become more efficient and interesting. The Language Laboratory supports the functionality of language learning.

Involving the best practitioners
The Language Laboratory provides teachers with the opportunity to introduce their best language learning methodology, to conduct model classes and share their experiences.

The Language Laboratory employs the latest teaching techniques and learning materials
There is a contemporary classroom in the laboratory in which it is possible to test unconventional methods of study. The laboratory is equipped with an abundance of new and current language learning materials, both in print and digital format for screen projection.

The laboratory is led by Merilin Aruvee, a lecturer of Mother Tongue Didactics in the Institute of Estonian Language and Culture at Tallinn University.

The Language Laboratory is located in room T-405 in the Terra building of Tallinn University.
Contact e-mail merilin.aruvee....at....tlu.ee.