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The Laboratory of Natural Sciences


The laboratory integrates the following activities in the fields of mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and geography:

  • The development of teacher training and subject didactics
  • The development of educational and scientific cooperation with partners in various sectors, both in Estonia and abroad (specialty associations, lecturers, students, teachers)
  • The development of the best practices of the natural sciences and facilitation of their convergence and mediation
  • The development and application of new forms of training, methodology, learning materials and technologies
  • The improvement of quality in teaching the natural sciences (preferably through subject integration where possible)

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Activities for 2014
  • Creating networks for cooperation
  • Continuous training for teachers “Integration of subjects in teaching applied and natural sciences by using online technology for cooperation”.
  • Planning student-based learning in classrooms in cooperation with schools and teacher training students

The laboratory is led by Jüri Kurvits, assistant of the Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Tallinn University.

The laboratory has a significant number of classrooms equipped with modern educational technology on the 4th floor of the Terra building of Tallinn University.
Contact e-mail jyri.kurvits....at....tlu.ee.