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Confucius Institute Culture Club: Sipping Tea for Nobility and Sociability


Tea etiquette is an important part in Chinese culture.  It is totally different from the way of drinking tea from teabag in a bar or tea house in a carefree manner. Traditional way is most enjoyed by people in a fashion of nobility in a tea house or at home for sociability, with elegant movement of the teapot  all throught the preparatory work by the hostess usually in Qipao.  Even it is the case with this nobility, daily practice of drinking tea varies in different places with different kind of tea leaves. 

This is almost the time for  newly sprouting tea leaves to be available on market in China and Confucius Institute had a seminar on tea culture just for the interest in this culture, hosted by Zheng Xin on March 11 at Tallinn University.  Over 20 participants attended the seminar and much interaction was encouraged in addition to personal experiences.


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