All units at Tallinn University are responsible for the development and management of the internationalisation process in their respective fields of activity. This decentralised coordination model was introduced in 2012 and is closely monitored by the Management Support Office. 

Major administrative units and their internationally related activities

Management Support Office: developing and monitoring  the university’s internationalisation process, developing and managing cooperation with partner universities and coordinating participation in international networks, composing strategic documents and coordinating the appropriate action plans, managing the institutional accreditation process of the university, initiating projects that support the development of the university.
: rb....at....tlu.ee

Research Administration Office: representing the university's interests in research, disseminating information on research and related funding opportunities, coordinating research projects, coordinating doctoral studies, facilitating knowledge transfer projects.
Contact: tao....at....tlu.ee

Academic Affairs Office : coordinating the admission of international exchange and degree students, coordinating student mobility by administering different academic exchange programs, including the Erasmus+ programme, coordinating different European educational projects, coordinating the preparation and development of studies in English.
Contact: oppeosakond....at....tlu.ee

Personnel Office: coordinating academic and administrative staff mobility, providing assistance in international staff recruitment, advising incoming international staff.
Contact: personnel....at....tlu.ee

Marketing and Communication Office: coordinating media relations, planning and coordinating university events, including conferences, seminars and exhibitions, producing promotional materials, coordinating international summer and winter school, developing and organizing international marketing activities, coordinating alumni relations.
Contact: pr....at....tlu.ee